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Colorado Voters Face Competing Road Plans

November Ballot Offers Two Paths to Improvement Colorado voters who believe the state needs to do more to build and maintain better, safer highways will have a complex decision to make at the polls on Nov. 6. They’ll have to pick between two widely different and...

Pass or Fail? State Grading on Highway Safety

A recent report calls for urgent action to improve highway safety. Recent in-depth research shows just how inconsistent traffic laws are across this country and how some simple changes could dramatically improve safety. This research is summarized in the 2018 Roadmap...

Colorado Ski Season Safety Extends Beyond the Slopes

Colorado boasts of some 28 ski areas and resorts and some of those areas will open soon. That means that a lot of people will be coming into the state via private vehicle, plane and, for some, tour buses. If there is one area of traffic safety that we as a country and...

Assessing the Toll of Auto Accident Injuries

According to the National Safety Council, 40,100 people were killed last year in vehicle crashes. Though this fatality count was slightly lower than in 2016, when 40,327 people died in crashes, it was 6 percent higher than 2015 fatalities. These numbers indicate the...

In Control? Autonomous Vehicle Safety Regulations Lacking

Safety Lab: Patchwork Rules Leave Public at Risk Colorado and a few other U.S. states are opening their roads to the future of automotive transportation but at a risk that may be too high, one of the nation’s most prominent safety laboratories has said. Autonomous...

Smartphones: The Witness in Your Pocket

Camera, Video, Phone Can All Help After a Colorado Auto Accident When that driver of a green Chevy truck ran a red light and smacked right into your yellow Toyota, the guy standing on the corner saw everything. Or was it a blue Ford truck and a yellow light? Any...

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