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Mitigating Your Damages

The Obligation Every Colorado Personal Injury Victim Has to Minimize Their Injuries A person who claims to have sustained damages as a result of another person’s negligence has a legal duty to mitigate those damages by taking advantage of any reasonable opportunity to...

Does Using Hands-Free Devices While Driving Make You Safer?

Using Mobile Devices While Behind the Wheel Puts Everyone at Risk of Auto Accident Multitasking, the idea that a person can do two things at one time and do them accurately or sufficiently, is a concept central to modern living. But, despite popular opinion, for years...

The Role of Expert Witnesses in Colorado Personal Injury Cases

How These Professionals Help Maximize Recovery To recover from the injuries you sustained after an accident in a personal injury case, more than just your word alone will be necessary. You will need witnesses who can attest to your injuries and connect them to the...

Money Wasted as Colorado Drivers Sit in Traffic

If you are a vehicle owner, you probably encounter slow-moving traffic every day. According to one leading research organization, Americans spend, on average, more than 17,600 minutes in their vehicle every year. Undoubtedly, a lot of that time spent is done so with...

Colorado Drivers Must Beware of Deer Dashing Across the Road

Discover How Often Vehicle-Animal Accidents Really Occur States from coast-to-coast are emphasizing extra precaution and safety when it comes to vehicle travel. You may have already noticed an uptick in community outreach when it comes to drinking and driving, as well...

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