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Do I Have a Viable Car Accident Claim?

5 Ways to Determine Whether Your Colorado Case Has Merit According to, approximately 6 million car accidents occur in the U.S. each year, injuring 3 million people. While not nearly all of them will merit filing a personal injury lawsuit to obtain...

States Install Sensors to Secure Their Streets

Discover how ITS technology can be used to improve traffic congestion and prevent pedestrian accidents. Traffic cameras, along with speed traps, are the current default in roadway monitoring technology. They are placed at intersections, stoplights, and other roads and...

Ride-Booking Services Are No Panacea for Drunken Driving

Those who have been out drinking might reasonably think that calling a ride-booking service, such as Uber or Lyft, would be the safest and best way to get home. There have been instances, however, one right here in Denver, when calling for a ride turned into a...

Summer: A Time for Relaxation, Not Hospitalization

5 Ways to Avoid Slip and Fall Injuries Summer is finally here - a time for relaxing, enjoying the warm weather, taking a trip, and…sustaining an injury? Although people usually associate slip and fall injuries with wintertime, when snow and ice make surfaces slippery...

DWI Checkpoints Increasing Public Safety

Campaigns Battle Drunken, Deadly Summer Months “No, officer. I haven’t been drinking.” The question you just answered usually gets asked only if a police officer has a reason to ask it: driving erratically or swerving between lanes, for instance. But today, the only...

Driving Stick Means Safety, Savings, Fun

Last-Century Gear Tech Brings Driving Back to Basics Why, when auto manufacturers across the globe have mastered building reliable, economical, and convenient automatic transmissions, do standard transmissions with their stick shifts still have a place on the road in...

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