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Colorado Smartphone App Grabs Spotlight

'Blinker' Helps You Choose, Finance, Sell a Used Car A Denver-area entrepreneur is adding a new level of innovation to the automobile marketplace across Colorado with an app that allows you to choose, finance, and sell a car with amazing speed, and with just the...

Will My Auto Insurance Cover Me If I’m Hit While Riding a Bicycle?

Some Policies Will Pay Your Medical Bills Before climbing on a bicycle, many safety-conscious people check the brakes and tires and do a general once-over. But who checks their auto insurance coverage first? While bicyclists are not required to carry insurance in the...

Colorado Drivers Among ‘Worst’ in U.S.

Acceleration, Braking Data Reflect Aggressive Moves An angry driver shouts, "Hey! Where'd you learn how to drive?" "Colorado" might be all the answer you need to give. Colorado drivers are some of the worst in the United States, according to a national car insurer...

Colorado Seat Belt Safety Paramount

Backseat passengers are ignoring safety by refusing to buckle up, even when using Uber or riding in a taxi. A recent study released on safety belt use by adults riding in the back seat of a vehicle when going on a short trip or traveling by ride-sharing or taxi showed...

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety in the Digital Age

Now Is the Time to Review Child Safety Tips With Colorado’s School-Age Children The waning days of summer are upon us, and in just a few short weeks, millions of young children and teenagers will be heading back to school. While a majority of school-age children are...

Colorado Car-Theft Victims Face Legal Risks

Report Stolen Vehicles Promptly to Stay Clear of Thieves' Mayhem Would you ever help a criminal rob people at gunpoint, buy and sell drugs, or commit a violent home invasion? No? But there's a chance you might, every time you leave your car unlocked, maybe leave the...

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