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5 Personal Injury Myths, Debunked

Common Misconceptions People Have About Colorado Accident Cases Most personal injury clients don't know a lot about law, and many have never even been in a lawyer's office before. Here are 5 myths about Colorado personal injury law that need to be dispelled: Personal...

Winter Tires Don’t Mix With Summer Heat

Auto Accidents Caused by Tire Issues Are Considered Common As we move further into the summer months, more and more Americans will be traveling on vacation. According to a leading news service, only 1 in 10 Americans plan on flying to their vacation destination; an...

Does Auto Insurance Cover You If You Hit a Pedestrian in Colorado?

Automobile insurance will pay for the damages when a car hits a pedestrian. But the amount and type of compensation depend on the insurance of the parties, the extent of the injuries, and who is judged to be at fault. All states require drivers to have liability...

Safer Cars but More Accidents

After decades of steady decline in total deaths from traffic accidents, the trend has changed...for now. Traffic deaths due to vehicular crashes have begun to increase over the last few years, reports the RAND Corporation. In 2016, more than 37,000 people died in...

Staying Safe on the Road in 2020

Accident-Prevention Features of Upcoming Models Every year, thousands of people in the United States are injured or die in motor vehicle accidents. In response, car manufacturers are continuing to focus on safety and offer new high-tech safety features. Here are some...

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