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Federal Safety Officials Release Wish List

NSTB Highlights Traffic Safety Risks, Offers Solutions Having a wish list is not just for individuals; companies, organizations, and even federal officials gather annually to organize their wish lists. Recently, a group of federal safety advocates released their list,...

Drowsy Driving in Colorado

How Big a Problem Is This Form of Impaired Driving? From truck drivers to shift workers to health care professionals, most Americans need more sleep -- and a better quality of sleep. Sleep deprivation is a problem that affects many people, and car accidents relating...

Properly Restraining Children in Vehicles Is Colorado Law

There is no excuse for not securing a child in a vehicle. Recently, there was yet another sad news story concerning a traffic accident with multiple fatalities including children. The car accident occurred on a snow-covered road in Maryland after the driver of an SUV...

Colorado Traffic Deaths Down in 2018

Better Driving Holds Key to Further Improvement You can't exactly call it good news, but it's certainly an improvement on bad news. Fewer people died on Colorado streets, roads, and highways in 2018 than in the prior year, reversing a six-year upward trend. According...

Side-Impact Collisions Can Lead to Serious Injuries

Children in Car Seats Are Frequent Victims of T-Bone Accidents  Side-impact collisions, which happen when one motorist fails to stop or yield the right of way at an intersection and crashes into the side of another vehicle, are fairly common and can lead to serious...

Little Fender Bender, Big Headache

Minor Accidents Sometimes Result in Major Damages Insurance companies often make the argument that minor, low speed "no damage" automobile accidents can't result in serious injuries, but this is not necessarily true. During a collision, passengers are subject to a...

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