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Explore helpful links for those injured in accidents, and learn more about our experience handling Colorado dog bite cases.

Are Dog-Bite Injuries Common in Colorado?

Colorado is one of the states with strict dog-bite liability laws. Dogs are naturally inclined to bite when they are scared, startled, or need to defend themselves or protect something valuable to them. Although guard dogs and herding breeds can be the worst...

Strict Liability in Colorado

Liability for Injury Without Proof of Fault Most personal injury lawsuits focus on some sort of negligent behavior on the part of one party that makes them liable (at fault) for another person’s subsequent injury. But there are times a party can be considered liable...

Non-Economic Damages in Colorado Personal Injury Cases

Amount to be Recovered Limited, Despite Severity of Loss When an injury victim receives compensation to reimburse them for their accident-related losses, this compensation is often in the form of economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages, also known as...

7 Things That Make Colorado Personal Injury Cases Similar

According to research conducted by the National Safety Council, injuries arising from motor vehicle accidents that required medical attention totaled 4.6 million in 2016, and more than 40,000 fatalities occurred. Although every personal injury is unique, personal...

Leash Laws in Colorado

Regulations That Can Affect Liability and Potential Recovery in Dog Bite Cases Colorado is an extremely dog-friendly state, but sometimes dogs don’t return the favor. According to data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), roughly four and...

A Dog’s Bark Is Not Always Worse Than His Bite

Getting Compensated for a Dog Bite Injury in Colorado Dogs and other animals bite more than 4.5 million U.S. citizens each year (half of those children), according to statistics compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In 2014, Denver was among the...

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