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Common Injuries Associated With Slip-and-Fall Accidents

From Fractures to TBI, Discover What Personal Injuries May Result A slip-and-fall accident -- a tumble on an icy sidewalk, slippery stairs, an uneven surface, or due to an unseen spill on the floor -- might seem minor, but the injuries they sometimes produce can be...

Strict Liability in Colorado

Liability for Injury Without Proof of Fault Most personal injury lawsuits focus on some sort of negligent behavior on the part of one party that makes them liable (at fault) for another person’s subsequent injury. But there are times a party can be considered liable...

Whiplash, the Proverbial Pain in the Neck

An Injury Extremely Common Among Car Accident Victims An estimated three out of 1,000 people sustain whiplash injuries, which are most often associated with low-speed car accidents. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take a large degree of impact to result in a...

Laws That Govern Colorado Personal Injury Cases

Statutes Designed to Keep Your Claim on Track Our state has various laws that apply to personal injury cases, so if you’ve been injured in an accident in Colorado due to another person’s negligence, these rules will likely apply to your claim. Insurance Coverage Laws...

Non-Economic Damages in Colorado Personal Injury Cases

Amount to be Recovered Limited, Despite Severity of Loss When an injury victim receives compensation to reimburse them for their accident-related losses, this compensation is often in the form of economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages, also known as...

7 Questions About Attorney-Client Privilege Answered

How the Rule Might Apply to Your Colorado Personal Injury Case According to American Bar Association (ABA) Model Rule 1.6, attorney-client privilege is a legal rule that protects the confidentiality of communications between an attorney and their client. The privilege...

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