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Evidence Needed to Prove Your Colorado Personal Injury Case

These Documents Will Help You Get Fair Compensation There is a lot more to a personal injury case than filing a lawsuit. To be fairly compensated you need to document the accident, who is at fault, and the injuries that you sustained. Here is a list of the kinds of...

What Could Keep You From Winning Your Colorado Personal Injury Case?

Not All Claims Result in a Favorable Outcome Personal injury law allows an injured victim to pursue compensation for injuries sustained due to another party’s negligence. However, not all Colorado personal injury cases are created equal. Although there is no guarantee...

Medicare and Your Colorado Personal Injury Case

Medicare Will Expect to Be Reimbursed for Benefits Paid When you’re over 65 and on Medicare, you might be living on a fixed income, which means every penny matters. Being injured in a Colorado car accident is likely something you didn’t plan for, and the bills have...

Common Injuries Associated With Slip-and-Fall Accidents

From Fractures to TBI, Discover What Personal Injuries May Result A slip-and-fall accident -- a tumble on an icy sidewalk, slippery stairs, an uneven surface, or due to an unseen spill on the floor -- might seem minor, but the injuries they sometimes produce can be...

Strict Liability in Colorado

Liability for Injury Without Proof of Fault Most personal injury lawsuits focus on some sort of negligent behavior on the part of one party that makes them liable (at fault) for another person’s subsequent injury. But there are times a party can be considered liable...

Whiplash, the Proverbial Pain in the Neck

An Injury Extremely Common Among Car Accident Victims An estimated three out of 1,000 people sustain whiplash injuries, which are most often associated with low-speed car accidents. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take a large degree of impact to result in a...

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