Colorado Premises Liability & Slip-and-Fall Resources

Explore helpful links for those injured in accidents, and learn more about our experience handling Colorado premises liability cases.

Common Injuries Associated With Slip-and-Fall Accidents

From Fractures to TBI, Discover What Personal Injuries May Result A slip-and-fall accident -- a tumble on an icy sidewalk, slippery stairs, an uneven surface, or due to an unseen spill on the floor -- might seem minor, but the injuries they sometimes produce can be...

Non-Economic Damages in Colorado Personal Injury Cases

Amount to be Recovered Limited, Despite Severity of Loss When an injury victim receives compensation to reimburse them for their accident-related losses, this compensation is often in the form of economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages, also known as...

7 Things That Make Colorado Personal Injury Cases Similar

According to research conducted by the National Safety Council, injuries arising from motor vehicle accidents that required medical attention totaled 4.6 million in 2016, and more than 40,000 fatalities occurred. Although every personal injury is unique, personal...

Summer: A Time for Relaxation, Not Hospitalization

5 Ways to Avoid Slip and Fall Injuries Summer is finally here - a time for relaxing, enjoying the warm weather, taking a trip, and…sustaining an injury? Although people usually associate slip and fall injuries with wintertime, when snow and ice make surfaces slippery...

5 Myths About Personal Injury Lawsuits

Untruths That Could Impact Your Colorado Accident Case Personal injury law is a very complex area, and those injured typically don’t have a lot of experience with attorneys and the legal system. This makes them susceptible to the many myths that circulate around about...

Are Colorado Personal Injury Settlements Considered Taxable Income?

The Answer: It Depends Your Colorado personal injury case just settled for more than you imagined, even after paying your attorney, your medical bills, and the other costs associated with your case. But before you start spending your newfound windfall, you’ll need to...

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