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New Safety Features Leave the Lot With 2019 Vehicles

Discover how to search for, find, and select the safest vehicles before year’s end. In just a few short months, the New Year will begin and with that comes newer, better-equipped, and safer vehicles on the market. Ratings are already out on a plethora of 2019...

6 Reasons Why Colorado Truck Accidents Can Be Especially Devastating

Truck Size and Weight Lead to Catastrophic Injuries According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), of the 475,000 reported accidents involving large commercial trucks in 2016, 3,864 of them were fatal and 104,000 resulted in injuries. Here are...

Shifting Gears: Cities Expand Bike Lanes

Denver, Longmont Enlarge Bikers’ Rights of Way Bicycles are taking on a bigger role and more terrain in Colorado cityscapes, two local projects illustrate. Denver and Longmont are allocating additional space on key roadways to make room for the two-wheel,...

5 FAQs About Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Frequently Asked Questions About Wrongful Death in Colorado Many people do not fully understand the legal concept of wrongful death, sometimes confusing it with the crimes of murder or manslaughter. Although it might arise from the same act, wrongful death is a civil...

National Child Passenger Safety Week Highlights Vulnerable Population

Research shows that children are at great risk of injury and death in car accidents due to improper use of seatbelts and fasteners. The leading cause of death for young children is a car accident. One way of protecting a vehicle’s youngest occupant is to make sure...

Leash Laws in Colorado

Regulations That Can Affect Liability and Potential Recovery in Dog Bite Cases Colorado is an extremely dog-friendly state, but sometimes dogs don’t return the favor. According to data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), roughly four and...

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