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Pot Survey About Publicity, Persuasion

CDOT 'Cannabis Conversation' Gets Users Talking If you've been reading a lot about a state survey of Colorado residents' attitudes and habits related to driving and using marijuana, it should come as no surprise. The Colorado Department of Transportation wants it that...

Sharing the Road During Motorcycle Awareness Month

Every May, highway officials designate the month as Motorcycle Awareness Month, and for a good reason. There is no way around this fact -- there is an inherent danger when riding a motorcycle. Riders are fully exposed in the event of an accident, with no vehicle frame...

What Makes Intersections So Dangerous?

Understand the Risks of Crossing Accidents to Stay Safe Safely navigating an intersection is one of the most complex activities that motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists must perform virtually every time they enter a roadway. According to the U.S. Department of...

That’s Really Against the Law?

7 Somewhat Obscure Colorado Driving Laws Many states have outdated laws on the books, and Colorado is no exception. Here are 7 obscure laws that apply to the state’s motorists, whether they know it or not: Cars Not Sold on Sundays According to the Sunday Closing Law –...

Ford Explores B2V Tech

Communication Between Bikes and Cars Could Prevent Auto Accidents One major automaker is taking high-tech a step farther as a means of making the roads safer for bicyclists. Ford Motor Company recently announced that it is working with several bike producers to...

What Is Reasonable Care?

Failing to look out for the safety of others is a major factor in a Colorado personal injury case. When a driver fails to consider the safety of other motorists on the roadway and causes an auto accident, they are said to have fallen below the required level of...

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