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Colorado Unable to Track Marijuana-Impaired Driving

"There is currently no comprehensive way to track instances of marijuana-impaired driving in Colorado," writes John Ingold in a Denver Post article published yesterday. Colorado authorities are concerned that a disturbing trend -- stoned and dangerous driving -- may...

Are Driving Apps Causing Distracted Driving?

Two articles published on Monday draw attention to the distracted driving risks that apps can create. In a Governing essay entitled "Do Transportation Apps Compromise Safety?" Ryan Holeywell discusses the risks apps present for drivers. And in an article for PC World,...

Will Recreational Pot Cause Traffic Accidents in Colorado?

With recreational use of marijuana becoming legal on Wednesday, January 1, some are concerned that the risk of traffic accidents could increase as more people are driving while stoned. As columnist Linda Chavez, a Boulder, Colorado resident, writes for Creators...

Who Pays My Medical Bills After an Accident?

It’s bad enough that you were in an accident. But you also suffered injuries, and now you find out that even though you didn’t cause the accident, you have to pay for your own medical bills -- how fair is that? Maybe not fair, but unfortunately, it’s usually a...

Proving a Distracted Driving Case

When you get behind the wheel, you’ve got to do more than just show up -- you’ve got to pay attention. Brain studies have shown that humans cannot focus on two things at the same time, and trying to perform an additional task while driving -- such as texting or...

Semi-Trailer Accidents: The Truck Driver Isn’t Usually to Blame

When it comes to semi-trailer truck/passenger vehicle accidents, the common assumption is that the truck driver was at fault due to fatigue, impairment or inexperience. But a number of studies have revealed that this is not necessarily the case, and truckers are often...

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