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Distracted Driving Accidents Cause Debate in Colorado

State Lawmakers Disagree About Whether to Prohibit Drivers From Using Cell Phones Distracted driving in Colorado takes lives every year. But not all officials are convinced that traffic laws should be tougher on those who drive while using a cell phone. Colorado is...

Effects of Spinal Cord Injuries

Permanent Injuries, Lifelong Problems Resulting From Auto Accidents Each year, thousands of people sustain permanent injuries in automobile accidents, leaving them with a wide range of physical problems that can persist for the rest of their lives. One of the most...

A Personal Injury Lawyer’s Responsibilities to Clients

6 Important Things You Have a Right to Expect When Filing a Colorado Lawsuit The attorney-client relationship is just that -- a relationship between two parties, complete with rights and responsibilities for each. These are some of the things a client should expect...

A Driving Impairment That Sneaks Up on You

Nodding Off Behind the Wheel Is All Too Common We often think of impaired driving in connection with alcohol or drugs. But the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that every year, tens of thousands of the accidents due to impaired driving are cases...

Social Media and Your Colorado Personal Injury Case Don’t Mix

Insurance Companies Search Online for Reasons to Pay Less If you are pursuing a personal injury claim after a car accident in Colorado, your social media connections might welcome updates on your case through posts, tweets, shares, and comments. You should resist the...

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