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FDA Requires Tougher Sleep Aid Warnings

Popular Meds May Lead to Sleepwalking, Sleep-Driving Sleeping pills may give you more than a good night's rest. According to the Food and Drug Administration, the medications increase your chances of falling asleep behind the wheel and ending up in a serious or fatal...

Five Reasons Your Colorado Car Accident Claim Can Be Denied

Avoid These Mistakes to Get Compensation for Your Injuries If you have been injured in an auto accident in Colorado that wasn’t your fault, you may think you’ll have no problem being compensated for your injuries. Not so. Here are five top reasons why an insurance...

Unable to Work After Your Colorado Car Accident?

How to Prove Lost Wages in a Personal Injury Case If you have been injured in a Colorado auto accident, a major consideration in your injury claim is the amount of recoverable damages. Although an injured person not at fault in an accident is typically eligible for...

Colorado Springs Auto Accident Fatalities up 18 Percent in 2018

Aggressive Driving, Jaywalking Contribute to Problem The National Safety Council (NSC) recently announced a preliminary finding that deadly auto accidents seem to be leveling off, and actually showed a slight decrease in 2018 when compared with 2017. While that is...

The Dangers of Delayed Injuries

Heed Advice and Seek Medical Attention Following a Colorado Auto Accident Many car accident victims say they feel fine after a collision, perhaps because of the post-accident adrenaline rush that can mask symptoms. But some injuries caused by an accident are evident...

Colorado Is an At-Fault Insurance State

The Difference Between At-Fault and No-Fault Auto Insurance Systems If you have been injured in an automobile accident in Colorado, you need to know how auto insurance laws affect your claim. The first no-fault insurance law was passed in 1971 in response to perceived...

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