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Who Is at Fault in a Colorado Rear-End Collision?

Proving Liability Sometimes Not Easy According to one Washington Post report, approximately 1.7 million rear-end collisions occur in the U.S. each year, resulting in about half a million injuries and 17,000 fatalities. The National Highway Traffic Safety...

How Do You Prove Emotional Distress in a Colorado Car Accident Case?

Showing Psychological Damages Usually Complicated An auto accident usually causes much more than just property damage to the vehicles and physical injury to those involved in the collision. Another claim arising from an accident that is often overlooked is emotional...

Driving With Children

The Danger of Forgotten Baby Syndrome During the Summer Months Known for its hot weather, Phoenix, Arizona has had more than 100 days of 99-degree temperature or above in past years. While Denver may not get that hot, there have been cases of extreme Colorado...

Driving in Circles: Making Streets Safer

Will Roundabout Intersections in Denver Reduce Car Accidents? If changing the way you look at, approach, and drive through that busy intersection near home could save you from a minor or serious car accident, maybe it’s time to make a change. Residents of Denver’s...

Vehicle Power & Size Threaten U.S. Pedestrians

Europe Ahead of America in Automotive Design Safety Initiatives Getting injured in a vehicle-pedestrian accident while you’re crossing the street is bad enough, but you must also consider how the driver’s vehicle choice and the automotive design features dictate the...

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