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Country Roads, City Roads

Which are more dangerous in terms of pedestrian, bicycle, and auto accidents? For over 40 years, more traffic fatalities have occurred on America's rural roads than on roads in urban areas. But in 2016 and 2017, more people died in urban crashes, according to detailed...

Getting Drugged Drivers off the Road Is a Priority

Will federal grants help reduce drug-impaired auto accidents? For decades, safety and law enforcement officials have worked together to combat drunk driving, and the collaboration has paid off. Since 1982, the number of fatal traffic accidents due to intoxicated...

April Is National Car Care Month

Colorado Drivers: Have You Been Kind to Your Car? Each year in April, National Car Care Month provides a vehicle for the nonprofit Car Care Council to call attention to the problems and safety issues that can arise when vehicle maintenance schedules are neglected....

Who Actually Pays the Damages in a Colorado Personal Injury Case?

A Favorable Settlement Might Earn an Award from Numerous Sources Personal injury clients are often unfamiliar with the legal system and therefore might not understand where their damages might actually be coming from, should their case conclude with a favorable...

Replacement Airbags Now Being Recalled

For Some Vehicle Owners, a Double Nightmare For more than a decade now, automobile makers have been recalling defective airbags produced by Takata. Millions have been replaced. But now a few vehicle manufacturers are once again sending recall notices after discovering...

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