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Owners of Older Cars More Likely to Ignore Recalls

If you were to review the most recent list of items recalled by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), you would see dozens of consumer items, from vitamins to dog food, pulled from shelves in 2019 alone. Recalls are nothing new, and for most household items,...

What Could Keep You From Winning Your Colorado Personal Injury Case?

Not All Claims Result in a Favorable Outcome Personal injury law allows an injured victim to pursue compensation for injuries sustained due to another party’s negligence. However, not all Colorado personal injury cases are created equal. Although there is no guarantee...

Life-Saving Use of Helmets Is on the Rise Among Some Motorcyclists

Although too many skip the protection, certain bikers are more careful. Laws on helmet use vary greatly from state to state. This hasn’t always been true. Once upon a time, state governments were required to enact helmet laws in order to receive certain federal funds...

Quirky Traffic Pattern Could Save Colorado Lives

Innovative Intersection Planned for Wheat Ridge True innovation comes in unexpected shapes. For motorists in the greater Denver area, that shape will come in the form of a “diverging diamond”, a highway interchange configuration designed to reduce congestion and...

How to Deal With an Aggressive Driver

Colorado Trails Only Indiana in Road Rage Auto Accident Fatalities Because of the spectacular scenery throughout the state, driving in Colorado can be extremely enjoyable, except when you encounter an aggressive driver. What is aggressive driving? According to the...

Calling While Driving Declines; Texting Up

Study Shows Dangerous Distracted Driving Trend While drivers were paying more attention to their phones, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) was counting them as they drove by. New research shows that motorists are talking on their cell phones less than...

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