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High-Tech Vehicles Are Safer…and More Expensive to Insure

Learn why the benefits of accident avoidance systems may come with a downside. Safety officials and automakers stress the benefits of crash avoidance systems and other safety features that help drivers stay safe while also making the driving experience more...

For Teens, Summer Months Are Deadliest on Our Nation’s Roads

Why does such a large number of car accidents happen during this time? May is a time for celebration as colleges and high schools hold commencement ceremonies for graduating seniors. But for too many families, the celebration will turn into mourning. We are about to...

Accidents Can Aggravate Existing Ailments

How Previous Injuries Affect Your Colorado Personal Injury Case If you were injured in a car accident in Colorado and are seeking compensation from the at-fault party, something that will likely affect the amount of damages that you are entitled to will be any...

Do Higher Speed Limits Cause More Car Accidents Per Mile?

One safety agency has concluded that tens of thousands of deaths from traffic accidents are related to rising speed limits. In some cities, people are talking about lowering speed limits to make roads safer. Elsewhere, though, officials want to increase the speed...

Indoor vs. Outdoor Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Is there a difference, legally speaking? Slip-and-fall incidents can happen inside or outside. But no matter where the accident occurs, any potential legal claim will typically be based on a theory of negligence or premises liability. This means the property owner has...

Will Rainy Weather Affect Your Premises Liability Claim?

Colorado Property Owners Must Take Reasonable Measures to Reduce the Risk of Slipping and Falling Spring showers can lead not only to flowers but also to slip-and-fall accidents on slick, wet surfaces, inside and outside. Who's to blame? People who slip and fall...

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