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Reporter: Why Isn’t NHTSA Moving on Keyless Ignition Safety?

In an article for, Michael Hyland asks why the National Highway Traffic Safety, Administration is not acting faster to address a safety problem caused by keyless ignitions. People have been injured and killed because the cars’ engines were not turned off when...

Tesla Model S Autopilot Wows Colorado Test Driver

Technology journalist Daniel Sparks recently wrote for The Motley Fool about his recent drive in a borrowed Tesla Model S to see how well its semi-autonomous Autopilot would handle itself on a highway. In his drive from Monument, Colorado, to Colorado City, he wanted...

Software Refined After Minor Google Autonomous Driving Accident

In what one journalist is calling a “little blemish” to the driving record of Google’s self-driving cars: Recently, a Google autonomous Lexus SUV got into a minor accident for which it was partly to blame: The car, which was driving at only 2 mph, ran into the side of...

Completed Boulder-Denver Bike Path Helps Commuting Cyclists

Bicyclists seeking a dedicated cycling route between Denver and Boulder now have one. The Colorado Department of Transportation has announced the Tuesday, March 1, opening of the second phase of the U.S. Express Lanes commuter bikeway. CDOT made the announcement with...

Stronger Laws Would Prevent More Crashes in Colorado

Because of an increase in traffic deaths, Colorado safety advocates are urging the state to make laws stricter, wrote Elizabeth Hernandez for The Denver Post. Colorado is one of only 15 states that do not have primary seat belt laws. Its secondary law means that...

25 Colorado UPS Drivers Join Prestigious Circle of Honor

Twenty-five elite UPS drivers in Colorado are now part of the company’s worldwide Circle of Honor. The 25 drivers are among 1,613 new inductees to the honorary organization for UPS drivers who have driven 25 or more years without an accident. Across the globe, there...

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