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Bicycle Accidents in Colorado: Know Your Rights

From the eastern plains to the Rocky Mountains, Colorado has the beautiful weather, roads, paths, and trails that draw numerous bicyclists to the state, recreational riders and professional racers alike. But if you are unlucky enough to find yourself involved in a...

Damage Caps: What They Mean for Your Personal Injury Case

Tort reform has been a hot topic for years around the nation, including in the state of Colorado. Basically, tort reform is designed to change the way our civil justice system functions by placing limits, or caps, on various things, including the amount of damages...

Tips for Driving in Colorado’s Wet Weather

Inspired by Denver’s recent ongoing wet weather pattern, Michael Roberts has written an article for Westword titled “Ten Things Colorado Drivers Should Do But Often Don’t When It’s Raining.” Roberts refers to tips from the American Automobile Association’s (AAA’s)...

Ignorance Is No Defense: Colorado Driving Laws You May Not Be Aware Of

In Colorado, the word on the street is “reasonable and prudent,” meaning that motorists are not to drive faster than what is considered safe under existing road conditions. Speed limits are posted, lanes are marked, and traffic signals are self-explanatory, but there...

Personal Injury 101: What to Expect From Your Case

Although each personal injury case is unique, most go through similar stages, from the injury to the final settlement. Plaintiffs can get more comfortable with the process when they familiarize themselves with the basic stages of a personal injury lawsuit....

Duties Every Colorado Driver Assumes When Taking the Wheel

Automobile accidents happen all the time, but as in other states, every driver is responsible for doing all they can to prevent causing a car accident in Colorado. Driving a vehicle of any size in Colorado involves certain minimum legal requirements and obligations...

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