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Smartphones: The Witness in Your Pocket

Camera, Video, Phone Can All Help After a Colorado Auto Accident When that driver of a green Chevy truck ran a red light and smacked right into your yellow Toyota, the guy standing on the corner saw everything. Or was it a blue Ford truck and a yellow light? Any...

How to Handle a Hit-and-Run Accident

Quick action can protect your right to compensation following a Colorado auto accident. Surprise, disorientation, and possibly pain might be the first things you feel when you become the victim of a Colorado auto accident. But anger often follows soon thereafter,...

Auto Accident Fatalities Plateau at a High Level

More than halfway through 2018, safety officials are starting to analyze information and research when it comes to auto accidents and fatalities for this year. While there is some good news, we still have a long way to go to making our nation's roads safe. Fatal...

Are Your Car Accident Injuries Keeping You Out of Work?

What You’ll Need to Do to Make a Colorado Accident Claim One of the most stressful aspects of getting injured in an automobile accident is not being able to return to work – immediately, after a period of time, or even indefinitely. It does not matter whether you were...

The Consequences of DUI in Colorado

Harsh Penalties Await Those Who Cause Auto Accidents While Intoxicated Alcohol is one of the major causes of auto accidents in Colorado, and when someone driving under the influence (DUI) causes an accident that results in injuries or death, the consequences for both...

Car Vibrations Aren’t Necessarily ‘Good Vibrations’

Australian Researchers Say Even Small Vibrations Can Lead to Drowsy Driving Accidents You’re taking a long road trip on a lonely stretch of highway with little to hold your attention. Your eyelids start to droop, your head begins to nod, and your vision gets blurry....

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