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Attention Lapses: When Eyes Do Not See

Concentration Gaps Create Invisible Road Dangers Just when you think you’ve seen everything -- it’s time to think about what you’re not seeing. Even those with the best vision are not getting the whole picture while on the road, and it’s not just because of the...

Thanksgiving Can Turn Deadly for Holiday Travelers

Refrain from drinking and driving to avoid a fatal car accident. Thanksgiving should be a time for a family celebration, a time to relax and visit with those you may not have seen in a while. However, for hundreds of people each year, what starts out as a festive...

What’s the Difference Between Criminal and Civil Law?

Two Separate Bodies of Law Punish Wrongdoing, Compensate Victims Unless you are an attorney, work in some legal capacity, or have been a party to a lawsuit, you likely do not know the difference between criminal and civil law. Here is an explanation: Criminal Law...

Plan to Avoid a Holiday DUI

Use Strategies to Avoid Colorado Car Accidents During Festivities None of us hopes to spend the winter holidays risking the lives of family, friends, and strangers, nor facing arrest, jail, and heavy fines. Yet every November and December, thousands of us do just...

3 Common Misconceptions Regarding Car Accident Claims

Things Colorado Personal Injury Clients Find Especially Confusing About Their Case Getting injured in a Colorado auto accident that was caused by another driver is a terrifying and often confusing experience, and it’s only the beginning. Injured people who file...

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