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Protecting Colorado Law Enforcement Officers on Traffic Duty

What You Should Be Doing As You Pass an Emergency Vehicle Parked on the Side of the Road It happened again, this time in Illinois. Just a few days ago, an Illinois state trooper who had stopped a vehicle on the interstate was struck and killed. The trooper was...

Auto Accident Deaths May Be Leveling Off

Are you one of the more careful drivers? Every year, federal authorities study data from around the country on fatal vehicle accidents with respect to such categories as the time of day most crashes occur and their most common causes. They also look at how many people...

Making Colorado Roads Safer for Bicyclists

Distraction, Inexperience, and Rough Road Conditions All Contribute to Accidents Fewer accidents, more deaths. In 2015, 45,000 bicycle collisions were reported in the United States, down from 50,000 reported the previous year. But during the same period, the number of...

Evidence Needed to Prove Your Colorado Personal Injury Case

These Documents Will Help You Get Fair Compensation There is a lot more to a personal injury case than filing a lawsuit. To be fairly compensated you need to document the accident, who is at fault, and the injuries that you sustained. Here is a list of the kinds of...

Child Car Seats Depend on Proper Usage

Colorado Parents Should Check Essential Equipment Before Hitting the Road You already had a new car seat before you left the hospital, the one you ordered after reading a dozen consumer reviews, or maybe you got a hand-me-down from family or a friend. But before you...

Autobraking Not a Cure-All When You’re About to Crash

Less Effective in Some Car Accident Scenarios The crash-avoidance systems in newer cars are helping to reduce auto accidents, and they have considerably reduced the number of insurance claims filed by their owners. But some argue that the systems could be doing an...

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