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Mitigation: Why Would I Want to Minimize My Damages?

To someone pursuing a personal injury case to recover damages from an automobile accident, it might seem strange to learn that they should take steps to reduce the effects related to their injury. After all, isn’t the idea to maximize one's losses to recover the...

‘Drive High, Get a DUI’ Ads: Are They Working in Colorado?

A 2014 study unveiled a disturbing fact in Colorado: Approximately 43 percent of the state’s drivers didn’t know it was illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana. In response, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) launched the “Drive High, Get a...

Reasonable Care: Anything Less Is Negligence

If you’ve been injured and find yourself in the middle of a personal injury lawsuit, chances are you’ve heard the term reasonable care used along with the concept of negligence, like two pieces of the same puzzle. But what is reasonable care, and how does it relate to...

Bicycle Accidents in Colorado: Know Your Rights

From the eastern plains to the Rocky Mountains, Colorado has the beautiful weather, roads, paths, and trails that draw numerous bicyclists to the state, recreational riders and professional racers alike. But if you are unlucky enough to find yourself involved in a...

Damage Caps: What They Mean for Your Personal Injury Case

Tort reform has been a hot topic for years around the nation, including in the state of Colorado. Basically, tort reform is designed to change the way our civil justice system functions by placing limits, or caps, on various things, including the amount of damages...

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