It’s not just airbags. Other parts of your car are also subject to recall to remedy hazardous defects that can lead to an auto accident.

Airbags Aren’t the Only Component That Can Cause a Car Accident

It’s been in the news for over a decade: defective airbags and recalls affecting millions of vehicle owners.

But airbags aren’t the only reason for the recalls.

Why You Should Comply With a Recall

The Takata airbag has been reported on since 2008, when problems with the airbag first led to a recall. Then, several thousand Honda owners were affected. In the years since, the recall has dramatically expanded to affect millions. The most current information about the recall was published in February. According to Car and Driver’s February 21, 2020 update:

“The challenge of replacing roughly 56 million inflators has proven to be formidable, as 15.9 million defective airbags remain on the road, according to a recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report. The report says that although over 70 percent of the recalled airbags have been replaced, about half of the remaining inflators are equipped in vehicles that are older or “inherently more difficult to reach.”

But other car components may also be recalled. Safety officials recently reminded drivers that they should make sure they have addressed all recalls related to their car, including child car seats, tires, even vehicle bike racks.

Recalls begin with a complaint filed by a safety official or other person. There are different forms for different reports of safety problems. But according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the basic process is standard. After someone files a complaint, the NHTSA reviews it and decides whether to open a formal investigation. If it eventually initiates a recall, the manufacturer of the defective product must fix the problem.

Child Safety Seats and Bike Racks

Car accidents are the number one killer of children 3 to 13 years old. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that 639 children died in crashes in 2018. Between 2011 and 2016, more than 90 children died in Colorado auto accidents.

To help prevent such accidents, Colorado requires that passengers up to age 16 use a seat belt or child restraint. You can check whether the seat you are using for your child is really safe by conducting an Internet search for recalls pertaining to the model of the safety seat. NHTSA’s Child Seat Recall Campaign Listing reports every recall conducted within the last ten years.

Also, keep in mind that child safety seats have an expiration date and must be replaced every six to 10 years. So make sure that the safety seat or seats you are using have not expired.

Bike Racks and the Thule Recall

Recalls pertaining to bike racks may also affect Colorado residents. Biking is very popular in the state and often entails transporting bikes to trails and other areas.

A recent recall of Thule racks was caused by a problem with the bike-arm frame cradles and spring pins, which by faltering could cause a mounted bike to fall off. If a vehicle is moving, this could, of course, create a sudden hazard for others driving near the car with the bike rack. If you use a rack on your vehicle, you can check to make sure that it has not been recalled.

NHTSA provides information on recalls. The Thule recall can be found by clicking on the menu category EQUIPMENT and searching for “Thule.”

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