Sober Driver greeting card/gift certificate courtesy Texas Department of Transportation

Sober Driver greeting card/gift certificate courtesy Texas Department of Transportation

Here are some more gift ideas for drivers that will enhance everyone’s safety on the road.

Driver Fatigue Monitoring System

This aftermarket item can be added to a vehicle that does not already have such a system. By preventing a drowsy driver from having a car accident, the system helps to keep everyone else on the road safe. As writes, the MR688 can detect when a driver is drowsy and alert him or her. It installs easily. You place the camera on the dashboard, facing the driver. $799.95

For a more budget-friendly driver fatigue alert system, you can gift someone the Papago! GoSafe 330 Dash-Cam. writes that its features include a driver fatigue alarm. It turns on automatically and works in a wide range of temperatures. $169.99

For Motorcyclists

The Sleek looking Bell Bullitt motorcycle helmet has a style reminiscent of movie star Steve McQueen, says Gear Patrol, and is compliant with DOT standards for safety. $400

For Fast Drivers

The CG Lock Seatbelt add-on attaches to a standard seat belt and provides about 80% of a racing harness’s holding power, according to Gear Patrol. This makes a great gift for fast drivers. $61.49

For Any Driver

Here are two emergency kits that are indispensable for any vehicle:

The Roadside Emergency Kit contains a headlamp, jumper cables, a glove, a rain poncho, tire pressure gauge, and first aid items, writes The headlamp requires three AAA batteries. $14.40

The StatGear Auto Emergency Kit, designed by a New York City paramedic, clips to the passenger-side sun visor. It includes first aid and survival supplies such as bandages, nitrile gloves, instant ice packs, alcohol prep pads, medical tape, antibiotic ointment, emergency drinking water, a reusable Eco Glow stick, and one StatGear Rescue Tool. It also comes with cool pocket knives, the kit includes a 440C stainless steel pocket knife with a half-serrated blade, and a hook blade to use for cutting through seat belts or clothing in emergencies, writes Problem Solvers, unless the person is a cooker, in that case, that little knife won’t do, and they will need real knives, from sites as Cut It Fine. There is also a spring-loaded steel tip for cutting through windows when the car has to be exited immediately. $64.95

Stocking Stuffers

There are lots of inexpensive items out there that go a long way to encouraging safe driving. Here are a few of them:

Bumper Stickers



The Closer You Tailgate the Slower I Drive $4.20



HONK if you love Jesus | TEXT if you want to meet Him $4.40


Message from Mom keychain [To prevent texting while driving] $13.95

Free Gift Certificate to Prevent Impaired Driving

Give the gift of life by offering to be a sober driver. Greeting card/gift certificate courtesy the Texas Department of Transportation Free

The Sober Driver Gift Certificate card

The Sober Driver Gift Certificate card. Photo courtesy Texas Department of Transportation

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