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Could a Textalyzer Curb Distracted Driving?

Some Colorado authorities believe the risky behavior is behind the increase in auto accident fatalities. Most drivers know a breathalyzer is used by law enforcement to determine whether someone is driving under the influence of alcohol. What people may not know is...

Airplane Black Box Technology Moves From Skies to Highways

Black box technology is typically associated with airplanes. The box, which is actually bright orange, is technically called a flight data recorder (FDR), and it collects vital statistics such as a plane's airspeed, altitude, and fuel supply. Safety officials hope...

Ford Explores B2V Tech

Communication Between Bikes and Cars Could Prevent Auto Accidents One major automaker is taking high-tech a step farther as a means of making the roads safer for bicyclists. Ford Motor Company recently announced that it is working with several bike producers to...

Looking Beyond the Rearview Mirror

Federal Rule Seeks to End Backover Accidents A backover accident occurs when a driver puts a vehicle in reverse and accidentally hits a pedestrian. These types of crashes typically involve a bicyclist who is not seen by a driver, a child who has ventured behind a...

Safety Features Have Compound Benefits When Driving in Reverse

Rear Auto-Brake Slashes Back-Up Accidents Because we don't have eyes in the back of our heads, moving backward is inherently dangerous. This is especially true for those at the steering wheel of a 2-ton car. Your car's rearview camera may give you a feeling of...

DOT Aims for Zero Road Deaths in 30 Years

The National Safety Council is teaming up with several U.S. Department of Transportation agencies in the "Road to Zero" coalition to end road deaths within 30 years. Joining the National Safety Council are the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the...

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