Your attorney’s responsibility is to keep you informed, represent your interests, protect your rights, research and analyze all facts and information regarding your Colorado auto accident case, and provide you with legal advice.

The Importance of a Strong Attorney-Client Relationship in a Colorado Personal Injury Case

Hiring a Colorado personal injury lawyer to represent you in your car accident case is an important first step. But if you aren’t able to work successfully with your attorney, you run the risk of not obtaining the best outcome possible.

When you retain an attorney, it is helpful to have an understanding of exactly what constitutes an attorney/client relationship, and the roles each of you will play over the course of your case.

Here are some aspects of a strong attorney/client relationship:

Strong Communication

Communication is a two-way street. Just as you have the right to assume that your attorney will keep all your communications confidential, you need to be candid and truthful with your attorney by providing all the information relevant to your case. Your failure to do so could have a negative effect on the lawyer’s ability to represent you, and damage your case in the process.

At the onset of your case, you and your attorney should discuss the most effective way the two of you will communicate, including how and when communications will happen, the reasonable amount of time you should give your lawyer to return a call or email, and whom you can talk to in your lawyer’s absence.

Productive Meetings

The frequency of attorney/client meetings will likely depend on the legal matter and the schedules of the parties. When meeting with your attorney, provide your undivided attention by being prompt and well-prepared. When asked to do so, gather and bring any necessary documents to the meeting, and prepare a list of questions or concerns you want to discuss with your attorney. Conference calls or detailed phone calls can minimize the need to meet frequently in person and can be a very efficient way to communicate.

Realistic Expectations

Your lawyer is your advocate, but not necessarily your cheerleader. Your attorney’s responsibility is to keep you informed, represent your interests, protect your rights, research and analyze all facts and information regarding your case, and provide you with legal advice. He or she will take the facts and evidence as they develop, apply this information to the law, and then counsel you about the strengths of your case, your prospect for success, and realistic expectations regarding your potential recovery.

Act with Trust

Trust is fundamental to an effective attorney/client relationship, but acting with trust can be difficult when the stakes are high. When you show trust, you are likely to trigger a self-fulfilling cycle in which those who have been trusted are motivated to act in a trustworthy manner. Trusting behaviors, such as believing in your lawyer’s integrity, competence, and dependability, have been proved to strengthen your relationship and enhance performance regarding your case.

An Abundance of Patience

All personal injury clients need to realize that legal issues take time, and in order to be resolved successfully, sufficient research, time, and patience are required. Instead of becoming impatient that your auto accident case has not yet resolved, try to focus on making a full recovery, following the advice of your attorney, and doing all you can to be the best team player you can be.

If you were injured in an automobile accident and are looking for competent and experienced legal representation, contact Colorado Attorney Daniel R. Rosen for a free consultation.

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