Khloe Kardashian, 2011 photo

Khloe Kardashian, 2011 photo

At the E! Network’s Academy Awards pre-show on Sunday, Khloe Kardashian revealed that she, her sister Kim, Kim’s young daughter, North West, and Kim and Khloe’s half-sister Kylie Jenner were in a “really scary” car crash on Saturday, as Elizabeth VanMetre reported for the New York Daily News. The family members were on a ski vacation in Montana when they hit a patch of black ice on the road, Khloe said. She was speaking with E! News Live host Giuliana Rancic, and related the details:

‘We couldn’t see anything so our car spun out of control and gained control and ended up in a ditch. I was driving.’

Tierney Bricker, writing for E! News, quotes Khloe as saying, “It was scary. Kim was screaming and crying, but it’s all good.”

TMZ staff reports that after skidding, the car “dangerously crossed into oncoming traffic, eventually landing in a ditch,” with all on board. “We’re told the girls were driving in Bozeman, MT Saturday morning when a semi-truck drove by their car and kicked up a ton of snow, hitting their windshield and apparently blinding Khloe,” TMZ writes.

Bricker writes:

After the accident, Kim tweeted, ‘Thank you God for watching over us and keeping us safe,’ while sister Kourtney Kardashian added on Instagram, ‘God is good.’

Capt. Mark Wilfore told E! News that no one was injured and no citations were issued, Bricker writes. Wilfore added that there was no damage to the vehicle (a black Yukon GMC, according to TMZ ), or to any other property. TMZ staff writes that they were told this was one of a number of similar car accidents that occurred on Saturday due to ice roads.

The accident happened two weeks after Bruce Jenner (Kylie’s father and Khloe and Kim’s stepfather) was involved in a deadly four-car crash in Malibu, Calif., as TMZ writes. A recent People article by Patrick Gomez says officials have not yet determined who caused the Feb. 7 crash in which Kim Howe, 69, was killed. Gomez quotes L.A. County Sheriff’s Department Detective Richard Curry as saying that his department has a surveillance video of the entire accident. “But we’re not commenting on what it actually shows,” he said.

Curry did say that based on what his department saw at the crash scene, the first car in the crash, a Prius driven by Jessica Steindorff, 29, a talent manager who represents Alessandra Ambrosia and others, was stopped because traffic had backed up. As this blog reported, Howe, driving a white Lexus behind the Prius, crashed into it, and then Jenner, behind the Lexus, rear-ended the Lexus, sending it into oncoming traffic, where it collided with a Hummer coming from the other direction.

Image by Eva Rinaldi

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