[Babeep reminds parents to take their children out of the car.]

Babeep reminds parents to take their children out of the car. Image courtesy Babeep.

With this being the time of year when the heat can get intense inside parked vehicles and a handful of parents forget their babies in cars (with tragic results), Babeep has launched a crowd-funding campaign for a device to remind drivers that they have a baby on board, as Babeep’s IndieGoGo.com campaign writes. At Babeep our goal is simple, to make baby reminders standard in every vehicle and end the tragedy of the forgotten child,” the company writes.

In an article in the Imperial Valley Press, Chelcey Adami writes that according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, heatstroke is the number one killer of children aside from car crashes. Parents should always look at the back seat every time they get out of their vehicles, she notes. And if a passerby notices a child in a parked car for more than five minutes, he or she should immediately call 911, as safercar.gov advises. KATC.com writes that since 1998, at least 619 children in the U.SD. have died from heatstroke after being left in vehicles.

Babeep lists the following facts:

  • One child in the U.S. dies every 9 days from vehicular heatstroke.
  • It only takes 10 minutes for a 90 degree car to get to 125 degrees.
  • A child’s body temperature rises faster than an adult’s.
  • People think, “It will never happen to me!”
  • Cellphones are the leading distraction.

Although automakers have made reminders standard for air bags, seat belts, lights, and more, they have not done anything to help parents remember to remove their children from the car, Babeep writes. The Babeep plugs into a car’s dashboard power socket (cigarette lighter). When the car’s engine is turned off, the Babeep “makes a variety of quick, non-intrusive baby sounds and flashes red in order to remind the driver to check the car seat for a ‘Baby on Board,’ ” Babeep’s page says. The gadget works with 99% of cars, Babeep writes.

Babeep’s page says:

Forgetting a baby in a car can happen to anyone — and it has — from teachers to rocket scientists. And with life’s demands and distractions, the human memory fails. Babeep™ is for anyone driving a car with a child in it — mothers, fathers, grandparents, caregivers, teachers and friends.

Babeep founder and CEO David Avital writes that he himself is afraid that he could forget his 18-month-old daughter in the car. The company plans to sell the device (which requires no applications or additional software) for $30. To keep the price affordable, the company seeks to raise $300,000 in its IndieGoGo campaign in order to manufacture a minimum of 10,000 units. The money will also cover the costs of continuing research and development, as well as compatibility testing “to ensure performance with 99% of new and used vehicles,” BaBeep writes. The IndieGoGo campaign runs through July 31.

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