Minibrake on child's bicycle


A team of inventors has mounted an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for their remote-controlled MiniBrake, writes Nick Lavars for GizMag. The MiniBrake, a device that can be attached to the seat post of most children’s bikes, is designed to prevent bicycle accidents by giving parents remote control of the brakes when their small children are riding the bikes, Lavars writes. (See MiniBrake’s video below.) says that every day there are hundreds of bike accidents involving children. Although helmets, elbow pads, and kneepads are useful, they can only cushion a collision, not prevent it, the site says. Minibike goes on to write:

Children aged 2-5 are learning new skills extremely rapidly. They are often quicker in learning how to ride their bike than they are in perceiving dangerous situations. Even if they notice a threat, they are not skilled enough to stop safely and avoid accidents. As a parent, although you know that bike riding is super fun, you still have to protect your children at all times.

Minibrake is composed of a braking unit, which requires an Allen key to be installed, and a palm-sized oval remote, Lavars reports. “As the toddler builds up speed, making a beeline for that busy intersection or solid brick fence, a push of the button will cause the brake to press down on the rear tire and bring the bike to a stop,” he writes.

The time it takes to activate the brake and stop the bicycle would depend on the speed at which it is moving, Lavars writes. The Budapest, Hungary-based inventors, who were given the “Young People for the Youth” Innovation award from the Hungarian Ministry of Public Administration and Justice, say on their website that a moving bike can be stopped within 20 inches.

Lavars writes that the system has a range of 164 feet, and has an LED on the side of the brake that shows the life of the battery. The brake is configured to activate automatically if the battery runs out of power, if any parts should malfunction, or if your child rides out of range, he writes.

When you pledge $80 to the campaign, you will receive a Minibrake system when the team starts shipping it, probably in June, Lavars writes. As of Thursday afternoon, the indiegogo campaign had raised $4,532, which is 6% of its $75,000 goal. The campaign runs through May 11.

Minibrake is compatible with the following children’s bikes, and the list is updated continuously, as the inventors write on their IndieGoGo page:

  • B’twin New Run Ride (12-inch);
  • Kawasaki BX2 (12-inch);
  • New Run Ride Boys’ Bicycle (12-inch);
  • New Run Ride Girls’ Bicycle (12-inch);
  • Schwinn Venus (12-inch);
  • Diamondback Girls Lil Della Cruz Cruiser Bike (12-inch);
  • Dynacraft Magna Gravel Blaster (12-inch);
  • Hello Kitty Girl’s Bike (12-inch);
  • Kawasaki KX12 Girls’ Bike (12-inch);
  • Schwinn Balance Bike (12-inch)
  • B’twin Birdy Fly Velo (14-inch);
  • B’twin Titooo (14-inch);
  • Hello Kitty Shinny (14-inch);
  • Dynacraft Tony Hawk Boys Bike – 360 (14-inch);
  • Dynacraft Boy’s Hot Wheels Bike (14-inch);
  • Huffy Jake and the Neverland (14-inch);
  • Pinkalicious Girls’ Bike (14-inch)
  • Cop Trooper (16-inch);
  • Jack Pirabike bike (16-inch);
  • Liloo Princesse bicycle (16-inch);
  • Monster Truck bicycle (16-inch);
  • Princess Kids’ bicycle (16-inch);
  • Schwinn Venus (16-inch);
  • Wendy Pony (16-inch);
  • Bikestar Kids Children Bicycle Classic (16-inch);
  • Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Mini Viper Kid’s BMX Bike (16-inch);
  • Diego Bicycle (16-inch);
  • Dora Bicycle (16-inch);
  • Firmstrong Mini Bella Girls Beach Cruiser Bicycle (16-inch);
  • Go Glider Balance Training Bike (Large) (16-inch);
  • Huffy Bicycle Company Ironman 3 Bike (16-inch);
  • Huffy Bicycle Company Ultimate Spiderman Bike (16-inch);
  • Huffy Boy’s Pro Thunder Bike (16-inch);
  • Huffy Disney Cars Bike with Training Wheels (16-inch);
  • Huffy Girl’s Disney Princess Bike, Jewel Pink-Pink (16-inch);
  • Power Rangers Boys Mega Force Bike (16-inch);
  • Titan Girl’s Flower Princess BMX Bike, Pink, (16-inch)
  • Mistigirl 3 Children’s bicycle (20-inch);
  • Single One Children’s bicycle (20-inch);
  • Spot Deal Children’s bicycle (20-inch)

Here is a video about Minibrake:

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