Reevu HUD helmet display

Reevu, an English company that makes motorcycle helmets with rear-vision technology to help prevent motorcycle accidents, has announced it has developed a helmet with a built-in heads-up display (HUD). The HUD helmet will be available in around 18 to 24 months, reports Loz Blain for Gizmag.

Blain writes that the HUD information will appear as an overlay on the helmet’s rear-vision system, not on its visor. “That means you’ll still have to flick your eyes up to read it, but it’s still better than moving your whole head down to read your speedo as you have to on some motorcycles,” he writes.

He goes on to say:

It seems Reevu plans to connect the HUD to the motorcycle’s ECU or diagnostics system, as the images display information like engine RPM and fuel consumption data. Reevu has stated it also intends to incorporate things like indicator signals and potentially other ‘idiot lights.’ Presumably, then, you’ll need an external Bluetooth dongle to attach somewhere on your bike.

Reevu suggests the first version of the Intelligent HUD helmet will be racetrack-focused, with things like lap and split timers installed. Again, some kind of external control like a thumb switch will be needed to trigger lap changes.

Brandon Turkus writes for Autoblog that the helmet projects information that ranges from turn-by-turn directions to speed to lap times using a multiple reflective optical system to display the information. He adds that Reevu claims the HUD will not cause eye strain or distract the driver. “Limited info aside, the potential of an in-helmet head-up display is huge for people on two and four wheels,” he writes.

And Gizmag‘s Blain calls the HUD helmet a “tantalizing proposition,” saying that it would be hard to imagine HUD displays not playing a large role in motorcycling within 10 to 20 years. “Perhaps motorcycle manufacturers will start designing their software systems with this kind of thing in mind,” he writes.

But not everyone is convinced that the HUD helmet is a good idea for safe driving. Someone using the name “Big Squid” posts the following comment to the Gizmag article:

Riding a motorcycle is not like playing a videogame. If you get killed you don’t automatically respawn at the previous intersection. Giving riders more distractions is a terrible, terrible idea.

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