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Why Are There So Many Car Accidents in Colorado?

The Colorado State Patrol (CSP), part of the Department of Public Safety, plays a huge role in keeping drivers safe on Colorado roads. As the only statewide traffic safety enforcement agency, CSP is called upon to investigate about 30 percent of all Colorado auto...

Colorado Licensing Requirements Increase for Older Drivers

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there were more than 40 million licensed drivers in the U.S. age 65 and older in 2015. Driving is a sign of independence and also a privilege afforded to individuals who have a license and the...

Colorado Pedestrian Deaths Up 31 Percent

Rise Is Part of Statewide Spike in Traffic Fatalities You'd think traveling on your own two feet would be the safest form of transportation available. Maybe it is, but you might pause to rethink that if you knew that 84 Colorado pedestrians died in accidents involving...

Are You Impaired After Just One Drink?

Have you ever stopped by a local pub or gone to someone's house and had a drink to relax and unwind? Just one. After that drink, did you think you were completely sober and more than capable of driving home? Well according to the National Safety Council, impairment...

Defensive Driving Class: Not Just for Violators

Colorado is one state that promotes its "Alive at 25" course. You may know someone who was court-ordered to attend a defensive driving-safety program after receiving a traffic ticket. But not everyone in these classes is there because of a ticket. More and more people...

Cruise Control: Convenience or Curse?

Most vehicles now come equipped with cruise control, which many motorists believe to be as essential as air conditioning and power windows. While cruise control allows drivers to relax and let the car take over, the use of cruise control in certain situations can be...

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