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Train Safety Campaign Targets Young, Male Drivers

It's an issue that has been discussed many times before, but it still causes several hundred deaths each year. The issue? Drivers not stopping at railroad crossings. Specifically, drivers who believe they can beat an oncoming train while trying to cross the tracks....

Preventing Underride Accidents

Could side guards on large trucks prevent traffic fatalities? When a large truck is in a crash with another vehicle and the other vehicle slides underneath the truck, it's called a side underride collision. According to crash forensic experts, this type of collision...

Colorado Personal Injury Attorneys: On Duty for Justice

Some stereotypes are criminal, including the image of accident lawyers in pinstripe suits, business cards in hand, chasing an ambulance in hopes of representing an injured person. But “ambulance chasing” is actually against the law in the U.S., and violates Rule 7.3...

Troubled Bridges Over Colorado Waters and Roadways

You’ll cross that bridge when you come to it. The problem is, if you’re on the road with any regularity, you may already be crossing bridges in Colorado and elsewhere that aren’t in very great shape. About 6 percent of Colorado’s 8,624 bridges, or 521 bridges, have...

The Computer Wrecked My Car: Liability with Self-Driving Vehicles

When Google's self-driving car changed lanes to avoid a road hazard, colliding with the side of a bus in February 2016, it brought to light an important legal question: Who is liable when a self-driving car is involved in an accident with another vehicle? In October...

Simulators Show Young Drivers the Danger of Distractions

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration lists distracted driving right next to drunk driving on its page of risky driving practices and there's a reason why. A person dies in a car accident due to intoxication every 53 minutes. According to the...

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