CDOT Mobile logoThe Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has launched a free smartphone app to help drivers on the I-25 corridor, as Monica Mendoza reports for The Colorado Springs Business Journal in an article titled “Driving on I-25, there’s an app for that.”

The app will give drivers real-time information on traffic and highway conditions, she writes. She quotes Ryan Rice, CDOT’s director of operations:

We first launched CDOT Mobile in September 2012 for the I-70 corridor and have experienced great success with 50,000 users to date. By adding a large portion of the I-25 corridor to CDOT Mobile, more Colorado travelers — particularly commuters — can take advantage of the real-time information. With more informed drivers, we can make our transportation system more productive, safe and efficient.

The Department’s closed-circuit television cameras for the I-25 corridor between Colorado Springs and E-470 (past 120th Avenue) will provide feeds for the app, which will also give drivers access to posted speeds, road conditions, road closures, and construction activities, Mendoza notes.

CDOT Mobile allows drivers commuting on a regular basis between Colorado Springs and Denver to save their “favorites,” and thus have instant access to travel times for their daily route. The Department plans to add additional routes, Mendoza writes.

Mendoza points out that information currently available at (such as speeds, cameras, and road conditions for the whole sate) is already available in the CDOT Mobile map.

The development of the app is part of a five-year public-private partnership with Colorado-based urHub, Mendoza writes. In a September 2012 CDOT press release, John Cronin, CEO of urHub, a marketing company that provides mobile technology platforms, said the app will also provide information on “the location of gas stations and the nearest cup of coffee.”

urHub’s CDOT page says:

CDOT Mobile is the only App that is sanctioned by the state and has the most accurate data about what’s happening on Colorado’s highways in real-time. […]

Quite simply, we want to help you get to where you need to go quickly and safely as you travel throughout the beautiful state of Colorado!

In addition to downloading the app from iPhone or Android stores, you can text CDOT to 25827, go to CDOT Mobile page, or search CDOT Mobile app stores and click on the “Check Out I-25” bar, Mendoza writes.

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