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Holiday Gift Ideas for Coloradans and Other Driving Enthusiasts, Part Two

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[Please note: This is Part Two and is a continuation of Part One that appeared yesterday.]

The Performing Art of the American Automobile

Book: “The Performing Art of the American Automobile, The Hendricks Collection on Exhibit at the Gateway Colorado Arts Museum.”

For fans of The Gateway Colorado Auto Museum

Book: The Performing Art of the American Automobile: The Hendricks Collection on Exhibit at the Gateway Colorado Auto Museum: $43.80 with free shipping from

The museum’s store describes it as a “hardcover book that features the Gateway Auto Museum car collection in gorgeous, full-color images.”

For automobile buffs and design enthusiasts

Book: Driving Through Futures Past, Mid-20th Century Automotive Design by Hampton C. Wayt: $26.95 from the Petersen Automotive Museum, in Los Angeles.

This is a full-color book featuring more than 50 never-before-seen futuristic concept paintings, drawings, and scale models created by visionary automobile designers in the 20th century, and is based on the museum’s pioneering exhibit in 2005 of the same name as the book’s title.

Also from the Petersen Museum:

A D’Agostino autographed felt print: $20.00.

For the vintage car lover

A handsome steering wheel clock that would look nifty on any desk: $39.99 from LeMay America’s Car Museum.

For fans of automotive history and American history in general, who collect Christmas tree ornaments

The 2012 White House Christmas ornament that shows President William H. Taft and his wife in a White Motor Company Model M on their way to deliver presents. $17.95 from the White House Historical Association Museum Shop.

For fans of car-building kits and 1940 Ford Coupes

USA TODAY’s Drive On blog suggests a kit that is a shell of a 1940 Ford: $11,400.00 plus shipping. USA TODAY writes:

Before you put it at the top of your holiday gift wish list, you should know you don’t get much more than a shiny steel body of a 1940 Ford Coupe. You don’t get the engine, seats, or much else.

When they say parts sold separately, they mean it.

It joins other ready-to-build famous cars being offered through Ford’s aftermarket unit. The stable also includes 1965 through 1970 Ford Mustangs. The Mustang has a ‘cult following’ but now ‘there’s a swing to the coupe,’ [Ford executive Ken] Czubay says.

For kids ages 7 and up

“Spot it! On the Road Game”: $16.99 from LeMay America’s Car Museum store.

Winner of many product awards for best toy, this edition of the game includes a variation: Players can scan the scenery for objects that match the symbols from the cards.

Advice for gifts and holiday safety

Finally, once you buy your gifts in stores, and are driving them home to wrap, and later driving to deliver or mail them, it would be wise to heed the following tips from Newport Beach, California, Police Department. In an article “‘Tis the Season to Think Safety, Police Advise” appearing on Corona Del Mar Today, the department offers the following advice:

  • Lock your car doors
  • Don’t leave valuables in plain sight
  • Try to put items in the trunk before arrival at your destination
  • Avoid displays of gifts and valuables

In the past, the police department said, thieves have watched people stow shopping bags in their cars and then walk away — making the car a target, especially if the bags have an Apple or luxury brand logo.