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Arrested for DUI in Boulder, Crocs Founder Blames “Girlfriend” Taylor Swift

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George Boedecker Jr.

George Boedecker, Jr., courtesy Boulder County Sheriff’s Office.

A co-founder of the Crocs Inc. shoe company is free on a $500 bond after being arrested Saturday evening in Boulder, CO, for driving under the influence after a witness found him passed out behind the wheel of his Porsche, according to police, as Mitchell Byars reports for Daily Camera.

As The Smoking Gun writes, the arrested man is noted philanthropist George Brian Boedecker, Jr., who heads a private foundation (The Boedecker Foundation) with nearly $58 million in assets, according to the group’s most recent tax return. Boedecker served as the shoe firm’s CEO until early-2005, The Smoking Gun notes, adding that the publicly held company last year reported $1 billion in sales.

Boedecker, a Fairview High and University of Colorado graduate, was one of the founders of the Crocs footwear company, which recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary, Byars writes, and is also the benefactor of the Boedecker Theater at Boulder’s Dairy Center for the Arts.

Byars goes on to say:

Boedecker, 51, appeared intoxicated and was uncooperative at the time of his arrest Saturday evening, according to a police report, and he hinted to officers that country superstar Taylor Swift had, in fact, been at the wheel of his car.

Officers said a witness called Boulder police when she saw Boedecker passed out in his black 2010 Carrera at 5:20 p.m. on the 3400 block of 22nd Street, with its engine running. Police and paramedics said that when they arrived, Boedecker got out of his car, which was partly parked on the sidewalk.

The police report said that Boedecker told paramedics he was taking a nap after attending a benefit, “but he kept changing the time of the event from 11 p.m. to 11 a.m.” He also claimed that his girlfriend had been driving but that they had had an argument and she left. Byars writes:

When asked who his girlfriend was, Boedecker told the officer she was a ‘really (expletive) famous’ singer, then asked the officer if he knew who Taylor Swift was, according to the report.

When asked where his girlfriend had gone, Boedecker pointed toward a nearby yard and told the officer she had gone to Nashville, according to the report. Police did not find a second person in the area.

The Smoking Gun writes:

Boedecker’s imaginary relationship with the 22-year-old country music star apparently was the result of his overindulgence in ‘cocktails’ that left him reeking of booze, slurring his words, and stumbling.

Byars writes that the report says Boedecker was “extremely” uncooperative with authorities. He declined to take field sobriety tests, said the arresting officer was now his “enemy for life” and, when asked for his address, said, “I have 17 (expletive) homes.”

Neetzan Zimmerman writes for Gawker: “In a last-ditch effort to wiggle his way out of the collar, Boedecker, a deep-pocketed benefactor and philanthropist, attempted to throw some weight around, telling the officers he ‘couldn’t believe we were doing this after all he had done for this city.'”

In a final ironic note, The Smoking Gun reports that Boedecker was wearing flip flops — not Crocs — when he was arrested.


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