9NEWS anchor Kyle Dyer

Denver 9NEWS Anchor Kyle Dyer is in fair condition following reconstruction surgery on her lip after an 85-pound Argentine Mastiff bit her on a live TV broadcast in the 7 a.m. hour on Wednesday. As you can see in the video clip below, the dog, named Max, bared its teeth, lunged, and bit Dyer on her face as she petted him under the chin. And as you can see in a longer news clip that appears on blogs.westword.com, the dog bit her right after she said, “You’re gorgeous. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

9News reports that they immediately called firefighters, paramedics, and animal control to the station, and Kyle was taken to Denver Health Medical Center, where the surgery was performed. Kyle told 9NEWS that she wants everyone to know she is okay and is concerned about viewers who were watching the incident live on TV. 9News anchor Gary Shapiro wrote on 9News.com on Wednesday that Kyle:

[…] is doing incredibly well, all things considered…

Her recovery is going to take a while, but it is now underway. […]

Kyle is going to be OK, although she will be off the air for a while.

The dog and his owner were in the 9NEWS studios Wednesday morning for a followup report on firefighter Tyler Sugaski’s dramatic rescue of Max after the dog fell though the ice into the freezing cold water of the Smith Reservoir on Tuesday afternoon. According to 9News, Max, who was not on a leash, was “doing his business” on Tuesday at around 5:30 p.m. when he spotted a coyote and ran after it on the ice of the Smith Reservoir near Jewell Avenue and Garrison Street in Lakewood. After Max fell through the ice, he was in the icy water for 20 minutes until the West Metro Fire Department’s firefighters arrived:

Firefighter Tyler Sugaski put on his wetsuit and went out as far as he could to get Max.

When Sugaski fell through into the water, he broke the ice with his arms to get closer to the dog.

‘The dog recognized right off that I was there to help, so he came towards me,’ Sugaski recalled.

Sugaski helped Max along as much as he could, and when Max was on thicker ice he made a run towards land where he was met by his owner.

9News writes that Doug Kelley, director of Denver Animal Care and Control, said that Max’s owner will be cited for the dog’s biting a person, for a leash law violation, and for not having the dog vaccinated for rabies. Max’s owner is due in court on April 4.

Kelley said Max is not showing signs of rabies but the dog is being quarantined at the Denver Animal Shelter for 10 days as is the standard procedure, and that the shelter will reevaluate the situation on Feb. 18 or 19. Any animal in quarantine is tested for rabies and monitored for other illnesses, and the animals are generally released to their owners if there are no extenuating circumstances, like prior incidents or a positive rabies test. 9NEWS reports:

‘The dog bite accident that happened today at 9NEWS was unfortunate and certainly not expected based on what we knew about the dog and his owner. Our goal was to unite the owner with the rescuer for a nice segment. We are all thinking of Kyle and her recovery,’ Vice President of News at 9NEWS Patti Dennis said on Wednesday.

Dennis asks viewers to send Kyle their well-wishes by leaving a comment on the 9News website, or by sending an email to webteam@9news.com. “Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated, and we will pass your messages along to Kyle,” she wrote.

Image by 9NEWS, used under Fair Use: Reporting.

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