There’s no exact number on how many of the recalled motorcycles are in Colorado, but for anyone who owns a bike in the state, the recall should be cause for concern; a brake issue can lead to a serious motorcycle accident.

Issues With Exploding Sunroofs and Motorcycle Brakes May Put You at Risk of Accident

No vehicle or motorcycle owner wants to see a recall notice show up in the mail. But that’s just what is happening all around the country as automakers and producers of motorcycles are issuing recall notices for a wide range of safety issues. One of the more serious problems has to do with a special feature that auto buyers pay a lot of money for; some owners are quickly discovering that their desire for a little bit of added luxury is turning into a serious safety issue.

Exploding Sunroofs Being Reported

According to a recent article in Consumer Reports, the list is long when it comes to vehicles facing the safety issue of exploding sunroofs:

“An exploding sunroof might sound like a freak occurrence, but a Consumer Reports investigation has found that it’s not. These incidents have happened in every month of the year in every part of the country, in vehicles from all over the world; they have occurred on interstates, on country roads, and even while parked in driveways.”

The sunroof has been around longer than most think. Cadillac was the first automaker to offer a car with a sunroof in 1938. At that time, the feature was referred to as the “Sunshine Turret-Top Roof.” Today, automakers are not just installing the typical sunroof, one that covers the front seat passengers, but now they fit vehicles with a panoramic sunroof, and they say this feature is at the top of the list for more and more consumers. However, some owners are finding out the hard way that their sunroof may be defective as the number of complaints of shattering sunroofs is growing.

Federal authorities have been keeping records on this safety issue since 1995, and while there were only three complaints that year, there were 187 complaints filed between 2014-2015. Last year, there were more than 50 complaints filed. What’s causing these roofs to explode? According to news reports, the exact reason for this occurrence is being debated, but some think it has to do with the coating applied to the glass that makes it weaker, especially on panoramic sunroofs that are so large they are more vulnerable to impacts.

Regardless of what is causing the glass to shatter, Consumer Reports notes what steps you should take if you find that your sunroof has shattered, which includes contacting your auto dealership as well as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to file a complaint. For those in Colorado, the Colorado Department of Revenue (CDOR) Enforcement Division also notes that if you file a complaint with your dealership, especially one dealing with safety issues, and you don’t feel like your concern has been resolved, you can take that complaint to the state. There are specific instructions on what to do on the CDOR website.

Motorcycle Recalls Also Piling Up

Right after the first of this year, NHTSA issued a recall for the MV Agusta F4 sports bike due to a brake system problem. This particular bike became the third motorcycle to be added to the recall list for the safety issue. There’s no exact number on how many of the recalled bikes are in Colorado, but for anyone who owns a motorcycle in the state, the recall should be cause for concern; a brake issue can lead to a serious accident. And lately, accidents, specifically fatal ones, are happening at an alarming rate in the state. In 2016, 125 cyclists died in Colorado motorcycle accidents. While the 2017 fatality rate has not been determined, it is noted that from Jan. – April of 2017, there had already been 18 deaths recorded, up from 13 during that same period of 2016.

Moving into the second month of 2018, a wave of recalls has already occurred, including Ford, which is being pressed to recall over one million Explorer SUVs. Regardless if you are driving a car or motorbike, it’s important to pay attention to recall notices and follow through on what you need to do to address any recall. If you are not sure if your vehicle or motorbike has a recall, you can go to and find out if what you own has a recall noticed listed.

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