ScalesIn an interesting coda to the story of Colorado Sen. Suzanne Williams’ fatal auto accident in Texas last December, the Senator has been cited with three misdemeanor traffic violations.

This comes in the wake of a Texas Grand Jury decision not to indict her on felony charges. (If you are unfamiliar with the case, you can get all the background in our earlier posts on the subject.)

Michael Roberts, a blogger for Denver Westword, brings us the details:

The reported tally includes two tickets related to her grandson, who was ejected from her Honda in the crash, as was his dad, Todd Williams — having an unsecured passenger under age seventeen and a child under eight unsecured by a car seat. (Todd Williams was also ticketed for not wearing a seat belt.) In addition, she was cited for driving on the wrong side of the highway, which led directly to the crash.

The second charge listed is ironic, as Williams has been a fierce proponent of child-restraint safety laws in Colorado for quite some time. News media and her opposition have emphasized that aspect since it came to light shortly after the crash.

Kirk Mitchell, a writer for The Denver Post, notes the reaction of Williams’ son, Todd, to the citations:

Todd Williams, who was severely injured in the crash, said that because of the publicity the crash received, authorities decided ‘they had to come up with something.’

Todd Williams said he is not sure his mother is to blame for the accident. He said it seemed like investigators questioned only whether his mother was responsible.

Williams has stated that she does not remember the events surrounding the car accident. Her attorney has opined that this is not unusual in cases involving severe trauma. The widower of Brianna Gomez could not be reached for comment.

Image by brizzle born and bred (Paul Townsend), used under its Creative Commons license.