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Drunken Ice Cream Truck Driver

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Ice creamDriving while intoxicated is a huge problem on roads across the country, and it can show up in the most disturbing and surprising places.

Take the arrest made in suburban Philadelphia a few days ago. Honestly, how often do you see an ice cream truck weaving through traffic? Well, that is exactly what happened in Middleton Township, PA, where a Jack & Jill ice cream truck was reported to the police as driving erratically on a southbound highway.

Owen Weldon, a reporter for Digital Journal, gives us the basics:

On Friday Yassir Hassan, 46, was visibly drunk when he was pulled over by police in Middletown Township, Bucks County. Police searched the vehicle, which was an ice cream truck, and they ended up finding boxes of wine. Police say they also found bottles of urine.

There was also no place within the truck for Hassan to wash his hands, according to reports.

This just goes to show that you can never predict what hazards will materialize on the road while you are driving. Fortunately, in this instance, there was no accident, but the health and sanitary issues presented by the presence of urine and lack of hand-washing facilities could well result in severe issues for the ice cream company.

While Hassan’s ice cream truck was impounded, it does not appear that he will have much trouble retrieving it once he is released from custody. Phillip Caulfield, a reporter for the New York Daily News, fills us in:

Officials at the impound lot that towed the truck said Hassan had a legal right to reclaim the truck after he was released, but they hoped he wouldn’t be back on the road anytime soon.

‘Running around serving ice cream to kids, and he’s drunk?’ John McCollum of Ace Towing told WPVI. ‘That’s pretty disgusting.’

No matter what vehicle you’re driving, getting behind the wheel intoxicated is always a horrible idea that could have devastating consequences. But when you’re driving an ice cream truck designed to attract young children, the act seems even more egregious.

Image by foodforfel (Felicia), used under its Creative Commons license.


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