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Fiery Colorado Car Accident Shut Down I-70


The following is a guest post by the California car accident lawyers of BISNAR | CHASE.

Several lanes of I-70 were shut down on Friday, November 12th due to a fiery car accident in Colorado. The car collision occurred after a Saab sedan and a Simi truck crashed in Summit County, according to a CBS4 Denver news report. The driver, Melissa Rainey, and her passengers received minor personal injuries from the car crash.

The exact cause of the accident is under investigation. Investigators believe that the semi truck may have been traveling too fast, which may have caused the driver, Victor Vasquez, to lose control.

Colorado Car Accident Statistics

According to Colorado State Patrol’s 2008 Crash Factors report, there were 27,213 vehicle accidents in 2008. Of these accidents, 3,895 resulted in personal injury and 290 collisions resulted in fatal injuries.

Fiery Car Accident Leaves Unanswered Questions

It is a relief that no one was catastrophically injured in this fiery car crash. The details of this accident are still unclear. How did this accident happen? Did the big rig’s brakes go out? Did distracted driving cause the driver to collide with the sedan? Did an auto defect, or mechanical malfunction cause the driver to lose control?

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One Response to “Fiery Colorado Car Accident Shut Down I-70”

  • Melissa Rainey says:

    I’m the driver of the Saab in this crash. I was travelling in the lane to the left of the semi when he ran right over the front end of my car, entering my lane without signaling, honking, or probably even looking. I was stuck under his truck for a while and there was fire EVERYWHERE. 30 foot fireball, I read. I hear he pushed me into another car, then I spun out at 65-70mph and hit a guard rail, car still on fire. Semi driver’s insurance company is denying my kids were in the car, claiming they don’t know who I am, and to this day have not sent an insurance adjuster to look at the “car” or what’s left of it. I’m getting screwed. I do have a lawyer, though. We’re ALL bafffled at how negligent this driver was, that he was only cited for careless driving, and that the insurance company is A.) making up bs stories and B.) dragging their feet with the culpability. I still have NO transportation. No rental, nothing. Apparently I’m expected to pay for that myself and wait god knows how long to be reimbursed. Like I can afford this. I bought that saab 1 WEEK before it was totalled. Also, their insurance company tried to tell me I had to pay the towing bill and the bill to haul the car to salvage. The nerve of these people. I have whiplash, crippling anxiety, and tramatized 4 and 2 yr olds. Someone needs to “nut up.” Just thought you’d like an update.


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