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New Info On Fatal I-29 Accident in Iowa: Blood Alcohol Content Four Times Above Normal

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BoozeOne month ago, four motorcyclists died on their way back from a bike rally — a tragic accident, in which alcohol was certainly involved. Here is a quick recap of the accident from

The crash occurred August 9 in a construction zone near the Little Sioux interchange on Interstate 29 where the freeway had been narrowed to two lanes. Authorities say a pickup truck driven by [Andrew] Schlichtemeier, of Murray, Nebraska, was traveling north on I-29, when it crossed the center line and hit four southbound motorcycles.

When a truck hits a motorcycle the results are rarely mild. In this case, the collision resulted in four fatalities, all of them on motorcycles: Dale Aspedon, Dennis Chaney, Steven Benscoter, and Jay C. Bock.

While no charges have as yet been filed, the probability of them is increasing. Stunning news has been revealed about the state of the drunk driver who hit them. KMTV Action 3 reports a truly amazing blood alcohol content on the truck driver’s part at the time of the crash:

According to the final accident report, Schlichtemeier’s blood alcohol level is shockingly high at .373. A Sarpy County investigator not involved with the case says anyone who has that high of a blood alcohol level is beyond drunk and just plain trashed. Depending on someone’s size, he says it would take 15 to 20 drinks to get that drunk.

That’s a lot of drinks no matter what kind of tolerance you might have. I would imagine that once toxicology verifies the initial blood alcohol report, things are going to get a lot harder for Schlichtemeier’s defence attorney:

The 21-year-old’s attorney is prepared for the high blood alcohol level and ready to fight it. ‘Certainly I need an opportunity to have my experts look at it to determine if that’s accurate or not,’ said Attorney Steve Lefler.

When asked why Schlichtemeier, the truck driver, was drinking and driving, Lefler called it “a great question,” but declined to offer any comment. Alcohol and motor vehicles — no matter how many wheels they might have — never mix.

Image by vavva_92, used under its Creative Commons license.


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