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More on Car Recalls

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roadkillWith an abundance of auto recalls and other product liability issues, 2010 has been a troubling year for car manufacturers. As we discussed last week, Mazda, General Motors and of course Toyota have all recalled cars this year.

Mainstream media has been saturated with news stories about this, specifically emphasizing Toyota’s steering and acceleration woes — but that’s only the tip of the auto recall iceberg. Mark Bello, who has over 30 years of experience as a trial lawyer,  recently wrote an article on this subject for The Injury Board Blog Network in which he says:

Safety advocates and product liability attorneys have, rightfully so, focused a lot of attention on Toyota and its recent, sudden acceleration and steering problems. Further, there seems to have been a cover-up regarding these quality control and safety issues that makes Toyota a worthy target of safety advocate venom. However, 2010 also is the year that BMW, Volvo, Porsche, Braun and Ford and others are standing in line, behind Toyota, to issue recalls for their vehicles.

He then proceeds to provide some examples of the recalls that may have slipped past most people’s attention and concludes by saying:

It’s obviously not been a good year for car makers; while so far there have been no reported accidents involving serious injury or death, who’s to say what could happen if people don’t know their vehicles have been recalled? If an accident does happen in any of these vehicles because of a recalled defect, the maker’s of the vehicle in question may find themselves facing a product liability/wrongful death lawsuit.

Car accidents happen all the time; but sometimes they are helped along by design flaws or bad workmanship. There is a difference.

Image by Gibson Claire McGuire Regester, used under its Creative Commons license.


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