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Colorado Motorcycle Safety: Live Free, Ride Safe

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US Army Motorcycle TrainingIt’s summertime, and for those who ride motorcycles in Colorado, it’s the season for getting on the road without snow and ice.

In tune with the season, there are efforts across the country to educate riders on motorcycle safety. For instance, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is mobilizing the forces of Web video and social media in their efforts to reduce motorcycle collisions:

Pennsylvania motorcyclists, their friends and family members tell their own stories in PennDOT’s new motorcycle safety campaign documentary, which debuted online today at

The documentary, which celebrates the freedom that comes with riding and offers a sobering look at what happens when that freedom is gone, made its public debut on July 24 at the Carlisle Bike Fest in Cumberland County.

It does not matter whether you live in Pennsylvania or Colorado or anywhere else in the country — there’s a lot of great information in the documentary. The campaign has a social element, as well:

In addition to the documentary, offers several great resources for riders, including sections on motorcycle gear and upkeep, rider tips, information about popular motorcycle routes in Pennsylvania and much more.

It is not only in Pennsylvania that motorcycle safety education is taking place. Amy Becar, of 50th Space Wing Public Affairs at Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado,  has just posted a great run down on the safety laws (and rules specific to the airbase) affecting motorcycle riders here in Colorado.

While some of her material is specific to the airbase, the vast majority of it covers local laws and general safety tips useful for all motorcyclists. For example, on the subjects of equipment and weather:

‘I’ve had accidents,’ said Chief Master Sgt Randy LaCombe, 50th Space Wing Command Chief, and also a 30 year veteran motorcycle rider. ‘Wearing my personal protection equipment saved my life — and my wife’s life.’

Not only does personal protection equipment keep riders safe from the asphalt, but also the dangerous and fickle Colorado summer storms.

‘During the summer, a motorcycle rider needs to be aware of lightning, high winds, heavy rain, and hail,’said Sergeant Law. ‘The key to planning any activity is thorough risk management, and for a motorcycle rider, that means taking weather conditions into account.’

Assessing current and future weather conditions is important for any motorcycle rider, whether on or off base.

As those of us who ride motorcycles are aware, there is nothing like taking your bike out on the highway. The wind in your face is like no other. However, all it takes is one motorcycle accident to deprive you of that joy. Don’t become a statistic. Take some time to learn about motorcycle safety in order to protect yourself, other drivers and all those years on the road ahead of you.

Image by The U.S. Army on Flickr, used under its Creative Commons license.


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