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Colorado Car Accident Caused By…A Vampire?

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VampireI’ve talked a lot about distracted driving on this blog, and I’ve looked at a lot of specific accidents with an eye on their causes, but I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen a vampire cited as the reason for a car accident. That’s right, a vampire – a bloodsucking, undead creature straight out of Dracula seen in the Grand Valley area of Colorado. At least that’s the claim of the woman in the driver’s seat.

Wayne Harrison, Web editor for The Denver Channel, gives us some details:

The woman was driving on a dirt road near Fruita about 11 p.m., when she said she spotted a vampire in the middle of the road and put her car in reverse.

When troopers arrived, they found the woman’s car in the canal but could not find the vampire.

Now, I must say I never really expected to write about the undead as a factor in a car accident, at least not on a newsblog.

The oddity of the claim has caused the story to get picked up by news outlets and bloggers all across the Internet. Gemma Fox, a digital journalist from Ediburgh, Scotland covered the story in Digital Journal. She notes the absence of fanged miscreants at the scene:

The woman was not injured and her husband came to collect her from the scene but there was no sign of the vampire.

Neither was there any trace of the vampire when the SUV was retrieved from the canal.

On an interesting note, Colorado police do not believe drugs or alcohol were involved in the accident.

Image by Carniphage on Flickr, used under its Creative Commons license


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