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Woman Sues Google Over Accident

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Google has become part of daily life. It affects the way we speak: “Just Google it” is the default phrase for searching online, and most likely how you found this blog post. Another Google too, Google Maps, was one of the biggest reasons I first picked up an iPhone. I was moving to a new city and wanted to be able to get around safely.

While many people use Google Maps effectively to navigate new places, it did not work out so well for one Utah visitor last year. And she’s suing Google over it. Chris Smart, news reporter at The Salt Lake Tribune, shares some details:

In a lawsuit filed last week in U.S. District Court for Utah, Lauren Rosenberg, through her Provo-based attorneys, Young, Kester & Petro, states that on Jan. 19, 2009, she sought instruction from Google Maps on her Blackberry for directions to walk from 96 Daly Ave. to 1710 Prospector Ave. in Park City. The attorneys could not be reached for comment Monday.

According to the suit, Google Maps directed Rosenberg along Deer Valley Drive, which is State Route 224, in an area ‘where vehicles travel at a high rate of speed and [is] devoid of pedestrian sidewalks.’

The suit states: ‘Google undertook the duty to exercise reasonable care in providing safe directions to patrons of its Google Maps service. [But] Google failed to warn plaintiff Rosenberg of said known dangers…’

Basically the suit seems to hinge on the fact that while Google Maps displays warnings to pedestrians when viewed on a laptop or desktop computer, these same warnings may not be visible to Blackberry users, such as Ms. Rosenberg, due to the small screen size. “Use caution – This route may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths,” reads the warning when looking at a big screen version of her route, a warning she claims was absent from her mobile application.

Stevie Smith, technology writer for The Tech Herald, reports that Ms. Rosenberg is suing for $118,000 to cover personal injuries, medical expenses and loss of work.

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