The Colorado Department of Transportation’s Slow Speed Chase was “a smash hit,” writes Sam Cole, CDOT’S Safety Communications Manager. His comment, in an e-mail to media, notes that the program raised “a ton of awareness” about the dangers of driving high.

Above is a video of the chase, which appears on CDOT’s YouTube page. The musical video features two cars rolling down the road, one decorated with marijuana leaves, and one resembling a patrol vehicle, decorated with the “Drive High Get a DUI” logo and the words: TO KEEP COLORADO ROADS SAFE.

Drive High Get a DUI.

CDOT is highlighting its “Drive High, Get a DUI” campaign with a video of its slow-speed car chase.

Drive High Get a DUI

Sam Cole says in the video that CDOT is rolling out the next iteration of its Drive High Get a DUI campaign. CDOT was taking these vehicles to a Snoop Dogg concert later that afternoon at Fiddler’s Green, to hopefully get concert-goers to think twice about driving high to prevent car accidents.

An officer in the video says that for the most part, people don’t take driving high on marijuana as seriously as they do driving on alcohol. He that the idea that marijuana is safer than alcohol when driving is a fallacy.

In the video, a graphic appears on the screen saying in all caps:


Get a Ride if You’re High

Another officer in the video says marijuana is legal to smoke at your private home in Colorado, but that if you smoke at home and go somewhere — say to a concert — you need to get an Uber, cab, or a sober friend to drive you to the concert. “And then when you get back, just make sure you have a safe rest of the night.”

A TV reporter in the video says the Colorado State Patrol is taking the lead to spread the safety message, along with CDOT.

As this blog reported, CDOT staged the Slow Speed Chase on April 20 around Civic Center Park in Denver. The event dovetailed with a rally that day, part of the informal, nationwide 4/20 holiday to celebrate marijuana. The chase was first scheduled for April 16, put was rescheduled because of a snow storm.

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