Coupon for drinking responsibly.

Customer’s photo of $5 coupon from The Tavern to thank him for drinking responsibly.

The Tavern at St. Michael’s Square in Greeley, Colorado, has a policy of placing coupons for a $5 drink credit on cars parked in its lot after closing.

It’s meant to reward patrons who wisely opt not to engage in the dangerous behavior of drinking and driving. And now, one customer’s photo of the coupon she found on her car the next day has gone viral, Fox31 Denver writes.

The coupon, for $5 off the person’s first drink next time, says: “Thank you for being such an amazing person and not driving home tonight!”

The person who found The Tavern’s coupon in Greeley posted a photo of the coupon on Reddit, which garnered almost 400,000 views over the weekend. She posted it under her screen name, Nohely303, with the headline: “This coupon I got for being a drunken mess last night.” Many people commented on Reddit that they liked the concept, and that they hoped other businesses would do the same thing.

Encouraging Responsible Drinking

The Tavern’s general manager, Toni Patrick, told Fox31 that the bar started using the coupons last May after she got the idea after seeing a similar coupon.

This blog reported last year about a Centerville, Ohio, bar named Mack’s Tavern that had started doing the same thing (that tavern’s coupon also went viral).

On its website’s “What’s happening now” page, The Tavern shares its own Facebook status message, which shows a “feeling shocked” emoticon, and says: “The coupon made the news on AOL!”

The Tavern has a policy of encouraging customers to drink responsibly. Toni Patrick, the bar’s manager, said:

Some bar patrons feel guilty or worry that their car might get towed. We want to encourage customers to have a great time while they are here and help to make sure that their night ends just as well.

Preventing Drunk Driving

As this blog has written, Mothers Against Drunk Driving praised Colorado in its 2015 report, saying the state is doing all the right things to prevent drunk driving deaths, including:

  • Ignition interlock laws
  • Sobriety checkpoints
  • Administrative license revocation
  • Child endangerment laws

Also in place is the No Refusal program. In No Refusal, law enforcement officers, using expedited warrants, can test suspected drunk drivers who have refused to take an alcohol test.

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