Transportation Matters SummitColorado will be in the spotlight October 28, when its Department of Transportation hosts the Colorado Transportation Matters Summit (TMS), which will feature a talk by U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, Monte Whaley reports for The Denver Post. The summit’s focus will be on ways for the state to have a better highway and roads system for many decades.

Summit Speakers

If last year’s TMS — which was attended by almost 500 leaders in business, government, and the community — is any indication, this year’s summit ought to be well attended. In addition to Foxx, speakers at the half-day affair’s keynote luncheon will include Gov. John Hickenlooper; Shalien Bhatt, executive director of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT); U.S. Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO); Denver Mayor Michael Hancock; and Dana Christiansen of National Renewable Energy Lab. A special guest panel discussion is also planned.

The event, to be held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on Welton Street in downtown Denver, will showcase worldwide innovative transportation strategies. CDOT will be announcing the launch of a program, to be unrolled in phases, that will reduce car accidents and help the state become a leader in forward-thinking transportation technologies and make Colorado one of the safest and most mobile states in the country.

Breakout Sessions

The Summit will be a half-day event with a lunch and keynote address and panel discussion followed by two repeating rounds of breakout sessions. The tentative breakout session topics include:

  • Your Bottom Line — How Technology in Transport Will Transform Our Roads and Your Business. The speakers will include Dr. Josh Switches, founder of Peloton Technology, an automated vehicle technology firm in Mountainview, California; Ted Scott of the Arlington, Virginia-based American Trucking Association, the largest national trucking industry trade group; and, as moderator, Joshua Laipply, chief engineer for CDOT.
  • Your Time – Redefining Your Commute and Congestion With Technology. This session will feature Kirk Strudel, executive director of the Michigan Department of Transportation; Jon Walker, manager of the Rocky Mountain Institute’s Boulder office; Andres Eugensson, vice president of Global Public Affairs, Volvo; and moderator Peter Kozinski, director of CDOT’s RoadX Program.
  • Your Life – Zero Deaths on Our Roadways is Achievable. Scheduled speakers will be Kyle Vogt, CEO and founder of Cruise, in San Francisco, which built a highway autopilot system that can be added to vehicles; Malcolm Dougherty, director of the California Department of Transportation; Steffen Linkenbach, director of Systems and Technology for Continental North America’s Chassis & Safety Division; and as moderator, Ryan Rice, CDOT’s director of Transportation Systems Management and Operations.
  • Your Money – Where Technology, Roadway Funding and Your Pocketbook Meet: Implementation of Road Usage Charge. The listed speakers are Jim Whitty, director, Oregon Road Usage Charge Program; Nate Bryer of Azuga; Bob Siegel of Verizon Telematics; and as moderator, Amy Ford, director of communications for CDOT.
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