Allstate Infographic on best and worst drivers in U.S.Fort Collins, Colo., ranks fourth in Allstate Insurance Company’s “America’s Best Drivers Report” for 2015, as Jason Gruenauer reports for ABC7 News Denver. It is bested only by Boise, Idaho (number 3), Brownsville, Tex. (number 2), and Kansas City, Kan., which tops the list.

Fort Collins drivers average 12.7 years between car accidents, and have a relative accident likelihood of –21.1%, as compared with the national average, the report finds. It was number one on the list last year, according to the report. “Fort Collins ranks second when population density is considered and seventh when precipitation is considered,” says an Allstate press release. “While Fort Collins ranks highly on the report, slowing down, leaving room between you and other drivers, and minimizing distractions are tips for Fort Collins’ drivers to always remember to remain safe while on the road,” Sue Helfrich, Allstate agency owner in Northern Colorado, said in the press release.

Other Colorado cities appearing on the list include Colorado Springs, at number 16; Lakewood, at number 24; Denver, at number 84; and Aurora, at 118. Colorado Springs drivers average 11.4 years between accidents and have a relative likelihood of –12.1% of being in an accident. Lakewood drivers average 10.9 years between accidents and have a relative –8.0% likelihood of being in an accident. Last year, Lakewood was ranked 19 on the list. Denver drivers average 9 years between accidents and have a +11.5% likelihood of being in an accident. The city has risen four points in the list, having been ranked 88 last year. And Aurora drivers average 8.5 years between accidents and have a relative likelihood of +18.3% of being in an accident. Aurora was ranked 115 last year.

Best and Worst

Rounding out the top 10 cities with the best drivers, Cape Coral, Fla., comes in at number 5, Madison, Wisc., at number 6, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, at number 7, Laredo, Texas, at number 8, Huntsville, Ala., at number 9, and Cary, N.C., at number 10. At the bottom of the list, the worst 10 cities for safe driving are: Alexandria, Va. (ranked 190); Los Angeles (191); Philadelphia (192); San Francisco (193); Glendale, Calif. (194); Providence, R.I., (195); Springfield, Mass. (196); Washington, D.C. (197); Baltimore (198); Worcester, Mass. (199); and Boston, which, at 200, was ranked the least safe city for driving. Boston drivers go an average of 3.9 years between accidents and have a relative likelihood of +157.7% of being in an accident.

The report analyzes property damage collision frequency of drivers insured by Allstate from 2012-2013 in the 200 largest cities in the United States. Allstate produces the report to get people talking about safe driving and to increase awareness of the importance of being attentive while driving, the report says.

Hard Braking Data

In a new feature this year, the report includes data about drivers’ braking habits in about 100 cities across the U.S. The braking data came from Allstate’s Drivewise feature, a technology that determines braking trends and makes it possible for drivers to monitor their driving behavior to increase safety and to get discounts on their insurance. Using Drivewise data, Allstate found a correlation between hard braking and collision frequency. Hard braking is defined as “slowing down eight miles per hour or more over a one-second time interval,” Allstate writes.

Allstate offers the following safety tips for drivers:

  • Leave room between you and other vehicles. Hard braking collisions often occur when drivers are following each other too closely, causing rear-end collisions. Try to avoid rear-end collisions by leaving more space and time to react to other vehicles’ actions.
  • Minimize distractions while driving. Distracted driving is one of the main causes for collisions. Common driving distractions include eating, grooming, talking on a cell phone or texting, interacting with other passengers, adjusting navigation devices and playing loud music.
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