Tesla Supercharging Station, courtesy Tesla Motors

Tesla Supercharging Station location search screen, courtesy Tesla Motors

Uber, which transports people and goods via cars driven by their owners, wants to buy up all of Tesla’s self-driving cars in 2020, according to news reports. According to Steve Jurvetson, an early investor in Tesla and a Tesla Motors board member, it was Uber CEO Travis Kalanick who said that, as Stephen Edelstein writes for Green Car Reports in an article in The Christian Science Monitor. Jurvetson, a venture capitalist, related the news at the 17th annual Top 10 Tech Trends dinner in San Jose, at the Churchill Club, writes Kathleen Chaykowski for Forbes.

At the May 21 dinner, which featured predictions by five top venture capitalists, Jurvetson said the “rise of robocars” was a top trend. In his forecast, which the audience voted as its favorite, Jurvetson said that Kalanick said if Tesla’s cars are autonomous by 2020, Uber wants to buy all 500,000 that Tesla is expected to produce, Chaykowski writes. It was last fall when Tesla began building cars in the first phase of its “autopilot” autonomous technology program, Edelstein writes. He notes that that system is not yet available to car buyers.

Although Jurvetson made the comment more than a month ago, it went “largely unnoticed” until recently, as Brittany Hillen wrote on Tuesday for Slash Gear. She adds that there are a lot of details that need addressing in the intervening years, such as the safety of self-driving cars, and whether the laws should require someone in the driver’s seat to take over the controls should anything go wrong.

But as Jurvetson said at the Top 10 Tech Trends dinner, according to the Forbes article:

‘For those of us who have a chance to be in one, you’ll never go back. I believe they are already safer than my parents.’

Tesla Motors, whose cars are all-electric, opened its first Colorado Supercharging Station in Summit County in 2013, as this blog has written. There are now six Supercharging Stations in Colorado, according to TeslaMotorsClub.com.

They are:

  • In Denver, at 4310 Airport Way, 80239 (at the Hampton Inn). It features six slots, and a maximum rate of 135kW.
  • In Glenwood Springs, it is located off of I-70, at 105 Wulfson Road at the Residence Inn by Marriott. It has six slots and a maximum rate of 120kW.
  • In Grand Junction, it is at the Mesa Mall, at 2424 US Highway 6, 81505, and features six slots and a 120kW maximum rate.
  • The Tesla Supercharging Station in Limon is at the Arby’s, at 2221 6th Street, 80828, and has six slots and a 135kW maximum rate.
  • In Lone Tree, it is at the Park Meadows Mall, at 8401 Park Meadow Center Drive, Lone Tree, 80124, and has four slots. However, according to May and June 2015 comments in an online forum, this location might be closing.
  • Silverthorne is the site of Tesla’s first Supercharging stations in the state. This location, at Outlets @ Silverthorne, is off I-70, at White River National Forest, 246-V Rainbow Drive, 80498, and has eight slots with a maximum rate of 120kW.
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