Mack's Bar Owner, "Mackenzie" and her first celebrity customer, , David Bruton of the Denver Broncos

Mack’s Tavern owner, Mackenzie, posted this on the bar’s Facebook page: “So opening night and I have my 1st famous person. David Bruton Denver Broncos player! !”

A new tavern in Centerville, Ohio, is doing its part to prevent drunk driving. Mack’s Tavern leaves a note on the windshield of cars whose inebriated owners leave them parked outside the bar and find other ways to get home, writes Krystie Lee Yandoll for BuzzFeed News. The note gives the customer a reward.

The note Mack’s leaves on windshields says:

We want to thank you for not driving home tonight and being a good responsible drinker. So here is a coupon for you to use next time you come in. Again thank you very much we appreciate your business, please come back soon and have another good time!!!

$5.00 off your tab for being Responsible

Mack Tavern's Coupon to reward responsible drinkers

Image courtesy of Mack Tavern’s Facebook page

Yandoll writes that customer David Rawson found such a note on his car after going back to the bar’s parking lot to get the car on Saturday morning. He had left the car there after visiting the bar on Friday night, she writes. Dawson told BuzzFeed News: “I live very close by, so it’s an easy decision to leave my car there if I’ve had a bit to drink, which was the case Friday night.”

Rawson added that he didn’t notice the note until he was driving home. He thought at first that it was probably an advertisement, he told BuzzFeed News, perhaps a menu from one of the restaurants that share the parking lot with Mack’s Tavern.

“It’s definitely a cool incentive for a local bar,” Rawson said, as Yandall writes. He said other bars ought to do the same.

ABC6 OnYourSide writes that Mack’s Tavern (which just opened last month) is getting a lot of publicity because of their way of rewarding customers for being responsible. In fact, the tavern has “gone viral,” ABC6 writes.

In the comments to the BuzzFeed piece, Conner Francis, a registered nurse, writes: “Best idea I’ve seen all day.” And Sarah Michaud writes, “Seriously. Don’t drink and drive. Also if it goes faster than 5 miles an hour it counts. So call a friend or a cab.”

Mack’s Tavern’s approach is a new twist on the conventional ways of preventing impaired driving. And some states, like Colorado, are doing a better job than others. As this blog has reported, Mothers Against Drunk Driving’s 2015 report praised Colorado for its efforts to prevent drunk driving. MADD gave Colorado five stars in all five measures that states can take to prevent drunk driving deaths. Those measures include: ignition interlock laws, sobriety checkpoints, administrative license revocation, child endangerment laws, and a program called No Refusal, in which law enforcement officers can get expedited warrants to test suspected drunk drivers who refuse to take an alcohol test.

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