An Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

An Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

The weather was cold, the road was snowy, and the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile crashed into a pole in central Pennsylvania, according to news reports. Fortunately, no one was hurt. But the colorful 27-foot-long vehicle sustained damages. As Kari Larsen writes for, the Wienermobile received “a gaping wound on its bun.” The windshield was also damaged, Tobias Salinger reports for the New York Daily News.

As the Associated Press writes in an article appearing on Fox News,Officials say the giant hot dog on wheels slid off a road and slammed into a pole on Sunday in Enola, near Harrisburg.” Traffic in the area was backed up because of the accident, AP writes.

The crash happened in wintry conditions along South Enola Road in East Pennsboro Township, when the vehicle skidded off the roadway and slammed into the pole, Salinger writes. He adds that Jesse Knutson, a reporter for Harrisburg’s WHP-TV (a CBS affiliate), tweeted on Sunday afternoon that many motorists in the area stopped to take photos.

Early on Monday morning, Salinger spoke with Kraft Foods, the parent company for Oscar Mayer, which said the Wienermobile slid on a patch of ice, and confirmed that no other vehicles were involved in the automobile accident. “The vehicle was towed and we expect to be back on the hot dog high ways soon,” Kraft spokeswoman Sydney Lindner told Salinger.’s readers had fun with their comments about the accident, as Larsen reports:

Incredulous028: Oh I wish I weren’t the Oscar Mayer Wiener / That is what I do not want to be / For if I weren’t the Oscar Mayer Wiener / No one would be making fun of me!

bootybuster: What do you get when you crash the Wienermobile into a snowbank? A Chili dog.

The damaged Wienermobile is one of a fleet of six, all of which promote the products around the country, and whose drivers, called “hot doggers,” distribute free hot dogs, Salinger writes. The company introduced the iconic vehicles in 1936, after Oscar Mayer’s nephew Carl created them, according to Oscar Mayer’s website. Oscar F. Mayer founded the company in 1883 in Chicago, the site says. The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile app, for tracking where the vehicle is, and for playing driving games, is free, and there is a store full of Wienermobile gear for sale.

Image by Doug Wertman

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