The No-Blind-Spot Rear View Mirror

The No-Blind-Spot Rear-View Mirror. Image courtesy Hammacher-Schlemmer

There are some wonderful holiday gift ideas for drivers on Crooked Brains. Here are several that especially apply to road safety:

No-Blind-Spot Rear-View Mirror: Police officers and race car drivers use this mirror to reduce blind spots, writes Hammacher-Schlemmer, which sells this item. Why not gift one to someone special? It is seamless and presents a 180-degree field of view, as opposed to a standard rear-view mirror’s 52-degree view. By providing a non-distorted rear view of five lanes of traffic, it allows drivers to see all angles without having to turn their head. This mirror, which weighs 10 ounces and measures 15 3/4 by 2 3/4 by 3/4 inches, “automatically reduces the headlight glare of trailing vehicles by 50% and clamps over most standard rear view mirrors without requiring tools or adhesives,” Hammacher-Schlemmer writes. $59.95 (NOTE: If you happen to be a DIY enthusiast looking for a project, you can also make your own. In a Boing Boing article, Phil Bowie and Larry Cotton provide the how-to instructions.)

Eton Torque Self-Powered Spotlight and Emergency Beacon: Available on, this gadget gives you 15 minutes of LED flashlight and “flashing beacon power” after two minutes of cranking. It uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and comes with an owner’s manual, warranty card, carrying pouch, and car power adapter. $14.99

MobileEye C2-270: This collision warning system alerts drivers to vehicles that are dangerously close, notifies them when they are drifting out of lane, and has a pedestrian warning system, as Ben Coxworth writes for Gizmag. (Price not available)

Crooked Brains also recommends Hammacher-Schlemmer’s Automatic Tire Inflator, which the company claims is the only product of its kind. The inflator automatically shuts off once the tire has reached the correct pressure, which it sets “using its digital pressure gauge.” HS says the gadget operates much like a cordless drill, adding that “a squeeze and release of the locking trigger begins inflation.” It only takes a minute and a half to inflate a standard vehicle tire from 25 to 30 psi, HS writes. It features cordless operation via its rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and comes with an AC adaptor, an 11-foot adaptor that powers it directly, and a travel bag. “It has an integrated LED that illuminates tire valves, a flexible 5″-long air hose tipped with a thread connector to ensure a proper seal with valves, and two included recreation ball and inflatable toy adapters,” HS writes. $89.95

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