Betabrand's Bike to Work light-reflecting shirt

Betabrand’s Bike to Work light-reflecting shirt

Every day brings a fresh supply of new holiday gift ideas for safety on the roads. We have culled the following from the latest batch:

For Parents of Teen Drivers

Straight Talk’s Safe Driver Car Connection

This small device that connects under the dashboard in most 2003 and newer vehicles lets you monitor your car and its driver from any smartphone, and any carrier, for $10 a month. Made by Straight Talk and Driver’s Edge, a nonprofit dedicated to teen driving safety, it tracks your vehicle in real time.

For Car Owners

Consumer Reports recommends Pirelli P Zero Tires because of the impressive grip they have in wet and dry road conditions. They tied for the magazine’s highest rated ultra-high-performance summer tire. Around $112 per tire.

For Bicyclists

Blackburn Scorch 2.0 headlight

Velo News writes that it is their best pick for a headlight in this price range. It has 300 lumens of power and lights up the road for the bicyclist while also making the cyclist more visible to drivers. $100

Knog Blinder Road R taillight

This delivers a 70 lumen strobe light when mounted on the back of a bicycle, giving the rider lots of visibility at night. Made of silicone, this is USB-rechargeable, and waterproof. Velo News writes that it is available in a range of bright or subtle case colors. $64.95

Betabrand’s Bike to Work Reflective Clothing

Betabrand’s reflective clothing can help bicyclists to be seen at night by drivers, and thus help to prevent car accidents, writes Jim Lenahan for USA Weekend. Betabrand’s collection of “Bike to Work” clothes includes jackets, hoods, T-shirts, button-up shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, scarves, and socks. Lenahan writes:

We tested it with a flashlight in a dark room, and it shined brightly. But on the road, it was hard to tell how well it picked up light from cars. It may provide visibility, but you still need a proper headlight and tail light.

Superpedestrian’s Copenhagen Wheel

In its “For Good” section, Time magazine’s article “The 25 Best Inventions of 2014” highlights Superpedestrian’s Copenhagen Wheel. A standard-sized wheel that can be attached to the back of most bicycles, it has a motor that can give bicyclists a boost during a ride, or even just when going up hills. It contains sensors that detect road conditions, potholes, and air temperature, and lets riders share information with others about the best and safest routes. The Copenhagen Wheel has raised more than $6 million through crowd funding. You can preorder the wheel at for $799. It will ship in the spring.

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